Thursday, February 24, 2011

mixing winter

this weather has me reflecting, how is the sun beating down on me but im still freezing my ass off.
well, its horse shit.
fuck it. i got a new car. and it has a cd player.
i decided to burn some mix cd's and if you think you can dig them than follow. i will send send you a copy.
all you have to do is give me an address to send it to.

here is the first one
shit im too lazy to have a preview.
maybe ill edit this post and you'll have one, maybe the next

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New toy!!

I went to a scrap yard to try and get some cash for a set of steel brake rotors today. the first yard wouldn't take them so they directed me to one a little bit out of town. I got there and the guy said, sorry, i won't give you cash but i'll take them. I decided to just give them to him because i couldn't just drop them into our dumpster. trash people aren't down with that shit.
well, at this scrap yard, was also an antique shop. AWESOME!
I scoped around this warehouse with old dusty piled up to the ceiling, and i mean boxes and model train sets and wall hangings, piled on top of each other, up the the ceiling. so much stuff. honestly, i was searching for like an old guitar or some other noise maker and maybe an old stash of instant film or something. turns out i found an old kodak instant film camera, but next to it, WAS A FUCKING REEL TO REEL STEREO RECORDER!! WOOO! he wanted $20 bucks for it, which i was totally for that price. we plugged it in to see if it powered on, and nothing. he said, take it home, if it doesn't work, don't bring it back, but if it does work, i'll trust you to bring me $20 dollars. i said "sold!"

he also gave me a piece of paper with his nephews band website on it. sweet tunes, here is a video of them playing live.

dude has a good voice

anyways. we said goodbye, i went home, plugged it in, still nothing. well, as obvious as it should have been, i turned the volume knob and lights came on. woo! i guess the next step is to head back to mr. joel barton and hold my word by giving him $20. than of course getting some tape to record onto.

the stereo recorder is a Panasonic RS-760S Solid State Stereo Phonic/Recorder and uses 1/4" tape on 7" reels.
i cant wait!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


by Jim Morrison

Friday, May 28, 2010

more circuit bending. sorry, no video yet

I decided to share some circuit bent noises in the same audio clip.
last night i finished up with the disney princess keyboard. it makes some cool noises but nothing to insane. so i recorded it on the same track as my casio mt-240.
the one from this commercial

well here is a picture of me about to record this track, than of course, the media player under it so you can listen. if you like the noises and you want some samples of your own. email me at

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Elmo and Big Bird Spelling And Bending

Tascha bought me an Elmo and Big Bird spelling toy to play with.
So, of course I wanted to take it apart and do some nerdy shit to it.

here is it with all of its guts spilled all over the place

because i still need practice, more materials, and this toy didn't have much to offer, i kinda had to call it quits. err with bending its circuits. so instead i just added a 1/4" output jack to it.

now i can record the alphabet and add neat effects.

here is a test run i just did. LISTEN TO IT!

Elmo and Big Bird Effect Test

and for monica's request

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

didnt mean to bore you with the last one. laugh at this

Thank You Mask Man
Lenny Bruce

(i picked this off of this site)

Watch out for phony group sex

i wish i could find the ad


Cops: Connecticut man placed phony ad to torment female neighbor

Cops: Connecticut man placed phony ad to torment female neighbor APRIL 22--Meet Philip Conran. In a bid to torment a female neighbor with whom he was fighting, the Connecticut man allegedly placed a phony Craigslist ad directing men seeking "group sex" to the woman's home, police charge. Conran, a 42-year-old chef, today made his initial court appearance in connection with reckless endangerment and harassment counts filed as a result of the fake April 5 online classified. Investigators tied Conran to the Craigslist "casual encounters" posting--which was purportedly placed by a "West Hartford soccer mom" and headlined "looking for lust"--through an analysis of records obtained from Craigslist and AT&T Internet Services, according to an arrest affidavit. When cops tracked an IP address to Conran's home, he confessed to posting the "party sex" ad directing men to next-door neighbor Terry Sharp's Dartmouth Avenue home. The ad, posted April 5, said a woman in West Hartford wanted to "please as many as I can before I go to work!" Conran, free on $75,000 bond, is the second person to be arrested as a result of the Craigslist posting. Richard Zeh, one of about a dozen men who showed up to answer the ad, was charged with burglary, sexual assault, and trespassing after he groped and made obscene comments to a 18-year-old woman. Zeh, a 29-year-old personal trainer, accosted the woman after mistakenly going to the wrong West Hartford address. Zeh told police that he was "bored" when he decided to answer the Craigslist ad. He acknowledged that the button on his shorts had "fallen off" and that his "pubic hair and his erect penis could have been sticking out of his pants" when he walked into the teenager's residence.


Man arrested after answering phony Craigslist "group sex" ad

APRIL 6--Meet Richard Zeh. The Connecticut man, 29, yesterday was perusing Craigslist when he came across a personal ad purportedly placed by a "West Hartford soccer mom" who was "looking for group sex!" As seen at right, the "looking for lust" solicitation noted that the woman was "free until 11:00," and that she sought to "please as many as I can before work!" The classified--which was phony, of course--directed men to a West Hartford address. When a dozen would-be suitors arrived at the home, residents told the men that they had not placed the Craigslist ad and directed them to leave. However, when Zeh arrived, he mistakenly went to a neighboring home, and let himself in. Zeh was confronted there by an 18-year-old woman who told him she knew nothing about the Craigslist ad. After repeated requests from the teenager, Zeh left the home. He then went to the address listed in the Craigslist ad, and was, like the other men, quickly turned away. Amazingly, Zeh, a personal trainer, then returned to the teen's house, again let himself in, and "made obscene comments to the victim and grabbed her," according to a West Hartford Police Department incident summary. Zeh was arrested yesterday on a variety of criminal charges, including burglary, sexual assault, and trespassing. Police are investigating who placed the fake Craigslist ad.