Thursday, June 10, 2010

New toy!!

I went to a scrap yard to try and get some cash for a set of steel brake rotors today. the first yard wouldn't take them so they directed me to one a little bit out of town. I got there and the guy said, sorry, i won't give you cash but i'll take them. I decided to just give them to him because i couldn't just drop them into our dumpster. trash people aren't down with that shit.
well, at this scrap yard, was also an antique shop. AWESOME!
I scoped around this warehouse with old dusty piled up to the ceiling, and i mean boxes and model train sets and wall hangings, piled on top of each other, up the the ceiling. so much stuff. honestly, i was searching for like an old guitar or some other noise maker and maybe an old stash of instant film or something. turns out i found an old kodak instant film camera, but next to it, WAS A FUCKING REEL TO REEL STEREO RECORDER!! WOOO! he wanted $20 bucks for it, which i was totally for that price. we plugged it in to see if it powered on, and nothing. he said, take it home, if it doesn't work, don't bring it back, but if it does work, i'll trust you to bring me $20 dollars. i said "sold!"

he also gave me a piece of paper with his nephews band website on it. sweet tunes, here is a video of them playing live.

dude has a good voice

anyways. we said goodbye, i went home, plugged it in, still nothing. well, as obvious as it should have been, i turned the volume knob and lights came on. woo! i guess the next step is to head back to mr. joel barton and hold my word by giving him $20. than of course getting some tape to record onto.

the stereo recorder is a Panasonic RS-760S Solid State Stereo Phonic/Recorder and uses 1/4" tape on 7" reels.
i cant wait!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


by Jim Morrison

Friday, May 28, 2010

more circuit bending. sorry, no video yet

I decided to share some circuit bent noises in the same audio clip.
last night i finished up with the disney princess keyboard. it makes some cool noises but nothing to insane. so i recorded it on the same track as my casio mt-240.
the one from this commercial

well here is a picture of me about to record this track, than of course, the media player under it so you can listen. if you like the noises and you want some samples of your own. email me at

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Elmo and Big Bird Spelling And Bending

Tascha bought me an Elmo and Big Bird spelling toy to play with.
So, of course I wanted to take it apart and do some nerdy shit to it.

here is it with all of its guts spilled all over the place

because i still need practice, more materials, and this toy didn't have much to offer, i kinda had to call it quits. err with bending its circuits. so instead i just added a 1/4" output jack to it.

now i can record the alphabet and add neat effects.

here is a test run i just did. LISTEN TO IT!

Elmo and Big Bird Effect Test

and for monica's request

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

didnt mean to bore you with the last one. laugh at this

Thank You Mask Man
Lenny Bruce

(i picked this off of this site)

Watch out for phony group sex

i wish i could find the ad


Cops: Connecticut man placed phony ad to torment female neighbor

Cops: Connecticut man placed phony ad to torment female neighbor APRIL 22--Meet Philip Conran. In a bid to torment a female neighbor with whom he was fighting, the Connecticut man allegedly placed a phony Craigslist ad directing men seeking "group sex" to the woman's home, police charge. Conran, a 42-year-old chef, today made his initial court appearance in connection with reckless endangerment and harassment counts filed as a result of the fake April 5 online classified. Investigators tied Conran to the Craigslist "casual encounters" posting--which was purportedly placed by a "West Hartford soccer mom" and headlined "looking for lust"--through an analysis of records obtained from Craigslist and AT&T Internet Services, according to an arrest affidavit. When cops tracked an IP address to Conran's home, he confessed to posting the "party sex" ad directing men to next-door neighbor Terry Sharp's Dartmouth Avenue home. The ad, posted April 5, said a woman in West Hartford wanted to "please as many as I can before I go to work!" Conran, free on $75,000 bond, is the second person to be arrested as a result of the Craigslist posting. Richard Zeh, one of about a dozen men who showed up to answer the ad, was charged with burglary, sexual assault, and trespassing after he groped and made obscene comments to a 18-year-old woman. Zeh, a 29-year-old personal trainer, accosted the woman after mistakenly going to the wrong West Hartford address. Zeh told police that he was "bored" when he decided to answer the Craigslist ad. He acknowledged that the button on his shorts had "fallen off" and that his "pubic hair and his erect penis could have been sticking out of his pants" when he walked into the teenager's residence.


Man arrested after answering phony Craigslist "group sex" ad

APRIL 6--Meet Richard Zeh. The Connecticut man, 29, yesterday was perusing Craigslist when he came across a personal ad purportedly placed by a "West Hartford soccer mom" who was "looking for group sex!" As seen at right, the "looking for lust" solicitation noted that the woman was "free until 11:00," and that she sought to "please as many as I can before work!" The classified--which was phony, of course--directed men to a West Hartford address. When a dozen would-be suitors arrived at the home, residents told the men that they had not placed the Craigslist ad and directed them to leave. However, when Zeh arrived, he mistakenly went to a neighboring home, and let himself in. Zeh was confronted there by an 18-year-old woman who told him she knew nothing about the Craigslist ad. After repeated requests from the teenager, Zeh left the home. He then went to the address listed in the Craigslist ad, and was, like the other men, quickly turned away. Amazingly, Zeh, a personal trainer, then returned to the teen's house, again let himself in, and "made obscene comments to the victim and grabbed her," according to a West Hartford Police Department incident summary. Zeh was arrested yesterday on a variety of criminal charges, including burglary, sexual assault, and trespassing. Police are investigating who placed the fake Craigslist ad.

Monday, May 24, 2010

quite a pickle i find myself in

fuck this level

Sunday, May 23, 2010


its been a while since ive posted, once again. sorry!

well this post is dedicated to our latest photo shoot. these pictures push limits for sure.
these photos were taken in order to submit to the "Look At This Fucking Hipster" blog.
take a ponder and share some opinions.

(dont start judging and such, its powdered sugar)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This band is always impressing the shit out of me. The title song is phenomenal!


im an asshole and i aught to be supporting bands. i know.
i couldnt resist downloading the new band of horses album scheduled to be released on May 18th.

But, if you are like me and feel like downloading it, here is the link to the torrent.

Monday, May 3, 2010


I changed the header but now im thinking that changing the layout scheme/colors may be appropriate.
watch this video and think about it. Give me some insight.

Day of Wrath: The Glenn Branca Ensemble from Ray Concepcion on Vimeo.


personals > missed connections > you smiled at me on the subway. - m4w

it was very crowded, but i know you noticed me. you were an angel, i'm sure of that. its hard on me knowing the odds of you ever seeing this ad are so small. i dont know what to do. it was very cold that day and you were with another man, i think so but im the jealous type. like i said, it was crowded, im not sure if he was your man, i wont lose any sleep over whether or not he was with you. i just wanted you to know, i think you're beautiful. also, i apologize for how i looked that day, i guess in more than one way i was flying high, you could see it on my face, huh?
i want you to know, my love is pure, if you do see this ad, contact me. tell me what i was wearing and be specific, if its you, it will be hard not to remember what i was wearing.


Friday, April 30, 2010

Bending Furbys

I learned something about a small hobby ive started getting into lately. Furbys are easy to short out, not too easy to get to their circuit leads (or the right ones for that matter), but things wont be as neat as i wish they could be (particularly with furbys). Oh by the way, the hobby being dabbled with is know as circuit bending. It's very easy and any idiot with some wires and a soldering iron can do it.

Listen to this song while reading the rest of this post.
(there is no meaning connection, just a mood thing in the morning while posting this)

(jesus thats a good song)

So here is what the furby looked like before i gutted it.

Right, cute as fuck but still standing strong with its creepy points. this little work of art didnt say much in all honesty. It would be like, im tired again, snooooooze snooooooze, and than stopped making noise only to not talk or say anything different after passin out. it would repeat this snooze when i would reset it though.

this is the furby when i took the fur off

the creepy points went up for sure. its amazing how different animals look with their fur ripped off, yeah?
so, after skinning it, i took out screws (sorry, i didnt take pictures of its insides, but if youre really that curious, CLICK HERE). I was messing with leads and connecting circuits together, THE FURBY SAID OTHER NORMAL FURBY STUFF! even though i got it out of its sleep trance, its still cracked open with guts spillin, i cant stop here. welllll eventually, i came across a couple connections that made the motors go nuts and one that made it make lots of crackling noises. that boring, sorry, the other furby videos gave me the wrong impression for sure. all those folks did was add an audio out jack on their furbys and routed it into an effects box of whatever sort. DAMMIT! how did i not notice. and on top of this realization, i accidentally hit whatever circuit too many times and took the furbys soul. it wont talk, it wont dance, it wont eat, nothing! it lives a quiet boring life now. and its my fault. it used to be so kinda lively. :(

WELL, i finished my crazy knob on my casio. so, if i find a video camera, you can bet your ass ill be makin a crazy knob video.
If any of you are secret electronics gurus and have any ideas and have the ability to explain them to me, hit me up, i could use some guidance.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Why does my dr. pepper taste like soap and why did it make my mouth go numb?

i was rather puzzled today so i asked the generous Yahoo!Answers community.


okay, so i usually drink dr. pepper. in restaurants, at work, at school, everywhere! actually, i drink wayyyy more soda than i aught to be. i work at a gas station where i can drink fountain drinks for free. i drink about 16 ounces of dr. pepper for every hour and a half during my 8 hour shift and than more depending on where im at or what im doing outside of work. so, yes, i drink A LOT of dr. pepper and i love how it tastes.

today at school, i got a can of dr. pepper from a vending machine to sip on while digitizing some raw video. i get in front of the computer, crack it open, and take a swig. it tastes kinda funny. i try it again to double take the sensation, my tongue notices the inside of the rim as i drink it, making sure my tongue gets as much flavor as this soda has to offer. it kinda tastes like dish soap. its not really a bad taste because its still sugary but the taste of soap is odd. the carbonation level is at a normal and its still pretty cold.
as i continue working on the computer and pondering this soapy taste, i start to notice my mouth feeling weird, like i put oragel on my lips, teeth, and tongue. now i know the acid level of dr. pepper is high but like i said before, i drink it a lot and my tongue has never gone numb.
so, its been about an hour and a half since the first sip and about 30 minutes since my last. my tongue is still kinda numb feeling and i still have a soapy aftertaste. i didnt pour it out because im waiting for a family member to come home and see if its just me or if this soda has got some funk to it.
if any of you has an idea of why this soda is treating my mouth the way it has, please help me with some explanation or just tell me im a crazy idiot and it was a waste of time and 5 points asking this question.



R.E.s answer
There was likely something spilled on the outside of the can. There is little to no chance of knowing what it was at this point.
Solution- Always rinse cans (this includes pantry cans) before opening them! They are known for having all sorts of terrible things on them. I will spare you the details as to common substances found on cans. I promise you don't want to know. Anyway, you didn't die yet, so you are probably fine.

(jesus! you recieve the best answer! i will for sure wipe off my cans from now on.)

zanys answer
Okay i don't know why it tastes like soap
but it makes your mouth go numb cuz its fizzy!

(fuckin, duh, why do ya gotta go and get all smart on me like that. i cant believe i let that pass over my head)

u work at the hollywood movie theater - m4w

(im going to police the shit out of this one)


u work at the movies...u have red hair and i think u were very beautiful...we had a small chat while i was ordering my nachos lol tell me what ur name tag said and maybe we can talk somemore


okay, man, i used to work at this theater and still keep in touch with some of the employees, i know who this missed connection is for. how old are you? what kinda plans would you have if she contacted you? make some more nachos? shes 17years old. shes super cool so dont get too flattered if she was polite while serving you junk food. those employees have to be polite when selling you a $6.50 tray of nachos. "u" did great with the craigslist ad too man. im sure she melted. "ur" a legend in throwing game my good captain.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

random guy yelling in a green tank top (heights)

has anyone else seen a black male in a green tank top with headphones yelling nonsense by indian trail and 190??

(and a reply to this ad)

Yeah I've seen him intermittently. Not always there but I have seen him more than once and never really hear what he's saying. Occasionally, these sort of fellows pop up in this area. I don't see it as an annoyance or a bad thing, for, I respect the arts and musical expression.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Because we all love them and their music, it's been decided to post another video of them.
Due to the number of folks ive had request the chords/tab of this song,
ive posted them on ultimate guitar <---(click there)
It seems that everyone likes mine and tascha's cover of it, and you can see it here.
Its a pretty simple guitar part but it takes some pipes to sing like they do.

well here is that video i promised.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

music In 3D!!

Captain Concepcion has done it again with insane camera techniques. For sure that is what cought my attention on these two videos.
ive never been a big fan or the indie dance pop but i cant help myself away from the screen.

Love: Whose Songs are Dreams in the Human Mind // Toro Y Moi [Part 1 of 2] from Ray Concepcion on Vimeo.

WOAH!! the crowd looks crazy
this band is a little more my taste.

Love: Whose Songs are Dreams in the Human Mind // The Ruby Suns [Part 2 of 2] from Ray Concepcion on Vimeo.

once again with these videos, wear headphones. also, email me at if you wanna be an author.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Casiotone Casiopeia Commercial

tascha and i made this commercial for my field tv production class. the idea was to make a 30 second commercial using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

if you are un-familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, click the pyramid to visit a blog where it is explained.

now for my commercial. this commercial had orders to consist of something from each level on the pyramid.

okay i think ive got something from each level crammed into a 30 second commercial, glorifying a late 80's Casio Keyboard i picked up at goodwill for $5.

next thing on my list to do is circuit bend that bad boy and melt brains with insane noises. kinda like this guy did with his casio mt-240 .

leave a comment or something. remember, im looking for more authors, so dont be afraid to email me an example of what you could put on this blog at

Monday, April 12, 2010

SORRY GUYS! but yes!

I havnt posted anything lately. Its been hard to get on the internet and make time. AHH! sooooo, since i suck and cant make time, anybody else want to be an author of this blog??? i am thinking on setting up a posting schedule. something like, Sexturdays for raunchy craigslist personals, and like, hipster trash tuesdays for music and cocaine. of course you can still just post whatever you want. as long as it fits within the idea of this blog. ridiculous personal ads and insanity from rants & raves, alternative music and art (we can be fancy and call it "indie"), funny stuff, and whatever else you think would make this blog fantastic.
SOOOO, if you want to be an author, send me an email at with an example of what you would end up posting. dont be shy, at all. also, lose some shame too. people like sex and music.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

i was bound to do this eventually

this is music and film appreciation in 10 minutes.

this guy is a damn rock star

David Bowie - Life On Mars
Uploaded by SamFisher037. - Explore more music videos.

and now for Seu Jorge with it in Portuguese

i cant get over any of this

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

hottest beer drinking woman contest

hottest beer drinking woman contest (online)

im in a contest for hottest beer drinking woman but need more ppl to go vote for me this week please. vote for Raylene please! bottoms up lol

*(i just looked her up for you)

Re:hottest beer drinking woman contest (online) (Cove)

Hell, you ain't even drinking a beer in your pic. Besides, you're ugly as shit.

*(now sir, i personally am not a fan of blonds but lord, that is very out spoken) 

re hottie beer contest

lol if i thought i was gorgeous i would try to be a model, but i dont. im just screwing around tryin to get a few more votes. i have seen all the attention this site gets and figured ppl wouldnt mind clicking a button

*(screwing around? naaa.)

re: hottie (killeen)

You are cute (and I'm a woman saying that!), don't listen to the cheeto-fingered haters! Good luck!

*(great job on the defensive, but what the fuck is wrong with cheeto-fingers. dont act like you dont enjoy a good snack.)

personally, i dont thing shes "ugly as shit" but really, a hottie beer drinking contest? i was recently described the statistics of intelligent/dim witted people in this part of texas. well, we for sure have the most idiots. now, im not saying im a genius or anything, i suck at math, retaining information, and school, although, i am aware of the idiots that past me in wal mart and everywhere else. in reality, these people aught to find other interests. like rather than their rims or how many tattoos they have, they could just buy a reliable vehicle and express their appreciation for visual art by maybe going to an art show or something. (btw. ed hardy is ridiculous. fuck off if you own a shirt or lighter. youre the biggest tool of them all.) also, maybe instead of entering yourself into a contest for "beer drinking hotties", try not focusing your time on getting drunk and fucking. thats just destructive. the large bulk of people who live in this town dedicate everything they do towards shit talking or impressing. i like to talk bad about people at times and its healthy to wear nice cloths to feel good about myself. sure im guilty but jesus, a beer drinking hottie contest?

honestly, i voted for Pia.

(hands down)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

this guy will talk to anyone about anything

i love this guy and i dont even know him. It is mostly because he has on an authenitc Zissou cap and sticking out of his coat a little, you can tell he is wearing his strike orce uniform. On the side of me loving him because of his honorable life style and respectable crew he runs with, he alse came up with a great idea. even tho he did this four years ago, it doesnt mean it is an outdated idea.

he put this booth next to organizations tabling political and religious causes. instead of having to pick and choose what kind of information you want, from whatever focused person, and having to navigate through the park to do so, you can talk to this guy about anything. politics, space travel, growing crops, your kids, how grandma hunts road runners out in the desert, the weather......... ANYTHING

what an amazing thing to do! woah!

not only did this guy sport some honorable threads and make open conversation available to everyone, he also made instructions for folks like you and me to do the same!

Click on the children's book to go to the instructions. also if you want, click HERE to go buy this book! its a win/win no matter what you click! also dont forget to leave comments and suggestion.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Louis Armstrong is a sexy girl

[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]

Okay, now we need to pretend louis armstrong, wearing a VERY suggestive school girl outfit, as a teenage girl.
Or the other way around cause obviously, brittney spears is trying to fit the shoes of a large bluesy black man.
what a twist of music history.

5 Cheers!

i found the file streaming on SuperMasterpiece. the old quality is very quiet and rather poppy. the quiet and poppy comes from the fact that it was recorded in 1936 and released on vinyl. i remastered the file and that is what is streaming above.
if you particularly like the old record click and pop, visit the link above to go listen.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Stealing from the little dudes? JESUS!

Would you like to donate a dollar to MDA?
JERRY'S KIDS, the little dudes, COULD USE IT.
it'd be nice to cure muscular dystrophy. heh?

this fool decided that, with a perfect distraction of a non-working food stamp card being processed on the other end of the counter, he could match par for a rock by jacking a couple bucks from the donation jar.

look at this asshole. yep, thats the jar in his left hand and the lid in his right.

annnnnndd deennn

this dude tried coming back to buy beer with the 6 dollars he stole an hour before. JESUS!

its a dick move to steal, period.
but stealing from a donation jar? a donation jar for jerry's kids? thats beyond fucked up.
well mr orange shirt, drunk crackhead dude, i think you aught to start reorganizing your morals and priorities.

now for JESUS!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Electronics Fabrication

nobody claimed it.

of course since I announced its existence, and it was closest to my backpack, there is a rising suspicion in my electronics class that I'm something of an odd one.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

She's So Spicy!

She's So Spicy!

Helping a canadian friend win canadian dorito money! woo. go and vote five stars just because.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Joe Stack's Manifesto

This is the suicide note/manifesto Joe Stack wrote over a couple months before going through with  flying a small plane into an Austin, Tx office building where the IRS had about 200 employees at work today.


If you’re reading this, you’re no doubt asking yourself, “Why did this have to happen?” The simple truth is that it is complicated and has been coming for a long time. The writing process, started many months ago, was intended to be therapy in the face of the looming realization that there isn’t enough therapy in the world that can fix what is really broken. Needless to say, this rant could fill volumes with example after example if I would let it. I find the process of writing it frustrating, tedious, and probably pointless… especially given my gross inability to gracefully articulate my thoughts in light of the storm raging in my head. Exactly what is therapeutic about that I’m not sure, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

We are all taught as children that without laws there would be no society, only anarchy. Sadly, starting at early ages we in this country have been brainwashed to believe that, in return for our dedication and service, our government stands for justice for all. We are further brainwashed to believe that there is freedom in this place, and that we should be ready to lay our lives down for the noble principals represented by its founding fathers. Remember? One of these was “no taxation without representation”. I have spent the total years of my adulthood unlearning that crap from only a few years of my childhood. These days anyone who really stands up for that principal is promptly labeled a “crackpot”, traitor and worse.

While very few working people would say they haven’t had their fair share of taxes (as can I), in my lifetime I can say with a great degree of certainty that there has never been a politician cast a vote on any matter with the likes of me or my interests in mind. Nor, for that matter, are they the least bit interested in me or anything I have to say.

Why is it that a handful of thugs and plunderers can commit unthinkable atrocities (and in the case of the GM executives, for scores of years) and when it’s time for their gravy train to crash under the weight of their gluttony and overwhelming stupidity, the force of the full federal government has no difficulty coming to their aid within days if not hours? Yet at the same time, the joke we call the American medical system, including the drug and insurance companies, are murdering tens of thousands of people a year and stealing from the corpses and victims they cripple, and this country’s leaders don’t see this as important as bailing out a few of their vile, rich cronies. Yet, the political “representatives” (thieves, liars, and self-serving scumbags is far more accurate) have endless time to sit around for year after year and debate the state of the “terrible health care problem”. It’s clear they see no crisis as long as the dead people don’t get in the way of their corporate profits rolling in.

And justice? You’ve got to be kidding!

How can any rational individual explain that white elephant conundrum in the middle of our tax system and, indeed, our entire legal system? Here we have a system that is, by far, too complicated for the brightest of the master scholars to understand. Yet, it mercilessly “holds accountable” its victims, claiming that they’re responsible for fully complying with laws not even the experts understand. The law “requires” a signature on the bottom of a tax filing; yet no one can say truthfully that they understand what they are signing; if that’s not “duress” than what is. If this is not the measure of a totalitarian regime, nothing is.

How did I get here?

My introduction to the real American nightmare starts back in the early ‘80s. Unfortunately after more than 16 years of school, somewhere along the line I picked up the absurd, pompous notion that I could read and understand plain English. Some friends introduced me to a group of people who were having ‘tax code’ readings and discussions. In particular, zeroed in on a section relating to the wonderful “exemptions” that make institutions like the vulgar, corrupt Catholic Church so incredibly wealthy. We carefully studied the law (with the help of some of the “best”, high-paid, experienced tax lawyers in the business), and then began to do exactly what the “big boys” were doing (except that we weren’t steeling from our congregation or lying to the government about our massive profits in the name of God). We took a great deal of care to make it all visible, following all of the rules, exactly the way the law said it was to be done.

The intent of this exercise and our efforts was to bring about a much-needed re-evaluation of the laws that allow the monsters of organized religion to make such a mockery of people who earn an honest living. However, this is where I learned that there are two “interpretations” for every law; one for the very rich, and one for the rest of us… Oh, and the monsters are the very ones making and enforcing the laws; the inquisition is still alive and well today in this country.

That little lesson in patriotism cost me $40,000+, 10 years of my life, and set my retirement plans back to 0. It made me realize for the first time that I live in a country with an ideology that is based on a total and complete lie. It also made me realize, not only how naive I had been, but also the incredible stupidity of the American public; that they buy, hook, line, and sinker, the crap about their “freedom”… and that they continue to do so with eyes closed in the face of overwhelming evidence and all that keeps happening in front of them.

Before even having to make a shaky recovery from the sting of the first lesson on what justice really means in this country (around 1984 after making my way through engineering school and still another five years of “paying my dues”), I felt I finally had to take a chance of launching my dream of becoming an independent engineer.

On the subjects of engineers and dreams of independence, I should digress somewhat to say that I’m sure that I inherited the fascination for creative problem solving from my father. I realized this at a very young age.

The significance of independence, however, came much later during my early years of college; at the age of 18 or 19 when I was living on my own as student in an apartment in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. My neighbor was an elderly retired woman (80+ seemed ancient to me at that age) who was the widowed wife of a retired steel worker. Her husband had worked all his life in the steel mills of central Pennsylvania with promises from big business and the union that, for his 30 years of service, he would have a pension and medical care to look forward to in his retirement. Instead he was one of the thousands who got nothing because the incompetent mill management and corrupt union (not to mention the government) raided their pension funds and stole their retirement. All she had was social security to live on.

In retrospect, the situation was laughable because here I was living on peanut butter and bread (or Ritz crackers when I could afford to splurge) for months at a time. When I got to know this poor figure and heard her story I felt worse for her plight than for my own (I, after all, I thought I had everything to in front of me). I was genuinely appalled at one point, as we exchanged stories and commiserated with each other over our situations, when she in her grandmotherly fashion tried to convince me that I would be “healthier” eating cat food (like her) rather than trying to get all my substance from peanut butter and bread. I couldn’t quite go there, but the impression was made. I decided that I didn’t trust big business to take care of me, and that I would take responsibility for my own future and myself.

Return to the early ‘80s, and here I was off to a terrifying start as a ‘wet-behind-the-ears’ contract software engineer... and two years later, thanks to the fine backroom, midnight effort by the sleazy executives of Arthur Andersen (the very same folks who later brought us Enron and other such calamities) and an equally sleazy New York Senator (Patrick Moynihan), we saw the passage of 1986 tax reform act with its section 1706.

For you who are unfamiliar, here is the core text of the IRS Section 1706, defining the treatment of workers (such as contract engineers) for tax purposes. Visit this link for a conference committee report ( regarding the intended interpretation of Section 1706 and the relevant parts of Section 530, as amended. For information on how these laws affect technical services workers and their clients, read our discussion here



(a) IN GENERAL - Section 530 of the Revenue Act of 1978 is amended by adding at the end thereof the following new subsection:
(d) EXCEPTION. - This section shall not apply in the case of an individual who pursuant to an arrangement between the taxpayer and another person, provides services for such other person as an engineer, designer, drafter, computer programmer, systems analyst, or other similarly skilled worker engaged in a similar line of work.
(b) EFFECTIVE DATE. - The amendment made by this section shall apply to remuneration paid and services rendered after December 31, 1986.
· "another person" is the client in the traditional job-shop relationship.
· "taxpayer" is the recruiter, broker, agency, or job shop.
· "individual", "employee", or "worker" is you.

Admittedly, you need to read the treatment to understand what it is saying but it’s not very complicated. The bottom line is that they may as well have put my name right in the text of section (d). Moreover, they could only have been more blunt if they would have came out and directly declared me a criminal and non-citizen slave. Twenty years later, I still can’t believe my eyes.

During 1987, I spent close to $5000 of my ‘pocket change’, and at least 1000 hours of my time writing, printing, and mailing to any senator, congressman, governor, or slug that might listen; none did, and they universally treated me as if I was wasting their time. I spent countless hours on the L.A. freeways driving to meetings and any and all of the disorganized professional groups who were attempting to mount a campaign against this atrocity. This, only to discover that our efforts were being easily derailed by a few moles from the brokers who were just beginning to enjoy the windfall from the new declaration of their “freedom”. Oh, and don’t forget, for all of the time I was spending on this, I was loosing income that I couldn’t bill clients.

After months of struggling it had clearly gotten to be a futile exercise. The best we could get for all of our trouble is a pronouncement from an IRS mouthpiece that they weren’t going to enforce that provision (read harass engineers and scientists). This immediately proved to be a lie, and the mere existence of the regulation began to have its impact on my bottom line; this, of course, was the intended effect.

Again, rewind my retirement plans back to 0 and shift them into idle. If I had any sense, I clearly should have left abandoned engineering and never looked back.

Instead I got busy working 100-hour workweeks. Then came the L.A. depression of the early 1990s. Our leaders decided that they didn’t need the all of those extra Air Force bases they had in Southern California, so they were closed; just like that. The result was economic devastation in the region that rivaled the widely publicized Texas S&L fiasco. However, because the government caused it, no one gave a shit about all of the young families who lost their homes or street after street of boarded up houses abandoned to the wealthy loan companies who received government funds to “shore up” their windfall. Again, I lost my retirement.

Years later, after weathering a divorce and the constant struggle trying to build some momentum with my business, I find myself once again beginning to finally pick up some speed. Then came the .COM bust and the 911 nightmare. Our leaders decided that all aircraft were grounded for what seemed like an eternity; and long after that, ‘special’ facilities like San Francisco were on security alert for months. This made access to my customers prohibitively expensive. Ironically, after what they had done the Government came to the aid of the airlines with billions of our tax dollars … as usual they left me to rot and die while they bailed out their rich, incompetent cronies WITH MY MONEY! After these events, there went my business but not quite yet all of my retirement and savings.

By this time, I’m thinking that it might be good for a change. Bye to California, I’ll try Austin for a while. So I moved, only to find out that this is a place with a highly inflated sense of self-importance and where damn little real engineering work is done. I’ve never experienced such a hard time finding work. The rates are 1/3 of what I was earning before the crash, because pay rates here are fixed by the three or four large companies in the area who are in collusion to drive down prices and wages… and this happens because the justice department is all on the take and doesn’t give a fuck about serving anyone or anything but themselves and their rich buddies.

To survive, I was forced to cannibalize my savings and retirement, the last of which was a small IRA. This came in a year with mammoth expenses and not a single dollar of income. I filed no return that year thinking that because I didn’t have any income there was no need. The sleazy government decided that they disagreed. But they didn’t notify me in time for me to launch a legal objection so when I attempted to get a protest filed with the court I was told I was no longer entitled to due process because the time to file ran out. Bend over for another $10,000 helping of justice.

So now we come to the present. After my experience with the CPA world, following the business crash I swore that I’d never enter another accountant’s office again. But here I am with a new marriage and a boatload of undocumented income, not to mention an expensive new business asset, a piano, which I had no idea how to handle. After considerable thought I decided that it would be irresponsible NOT to get professional help; a very big mistake.

When we received the forms back I was very optimistic that they were in order. I had taken all of the years information to Bill Ross, and he came back with results very similar to what I was expecting. Except that he had neglected to include the contents of Sheryl’s unreported income; $12,700 worth of it. To make matters worse, Ross knew all along this was missing and I didn’t have a clue until he pointed it out in the middle of the audit. By that time it had become brutally evident that he was representing himself and not me.

This left me stuck in the middle of this disaster trying to defend transactions that have no relationship to anything tax-related (at least the tax-related transactions were poorly documented). Things I never knew anything about and things my wife had no clue would ever matter to anyone. The end result is… well, just look around.

I remember reading about the stock market crash before the “great” depression and how there were wealthy bankers and businessmen jumping out of windows when they realized they screwed up and lost everything. Isn’t it ironic how far we’ve come in 60 years in this country that they now know how to fix that little economic problem; they just steal from the middle class (who doesn’t have any say in it, elections are a joke) to cover their asses and it’s “business-as-usual”. Now when the wealthy fuck up, the poor get to die for the mistakes… isn’t that a clever, tidy solution.

As government agencies go, the FAA is often justifiably referred to as a tombstone agency, though they are hardly alone. The recent presidential puppet GW Bush and his cronies in their eight years certainly reinforced for all of us that this criticism rings equally true for all of the government. Nothing changes unless there is a body count (unless it is in the interest of the wealthy sows at the government trough). In a government full of hypocrites from top to bottom, life is as cheap as their lies and their self-serving laws.

I know I’m hardly the first one to decide I have had all I can stand. It has always been a myth that people have stopped dying for their freedom in this country, and it isn’t limited to the blacks, and poor immigrants. I know there have been countless before me and there are sure to be as many after. But I also know that by not adding my body to the count, I insure nothing will change. I choose to not keep looking over my shoulder at “big brother” while he strips my carcass, I choose not to ignore what is going on all around me, I choose not to pretend that business as usual won’t continue; I have just had enough.

I can only hope that the numbers quickly get too big to be white washed and ignored that the American zombies wake up and revolt; it will take nothing less. I would only hope that by striking a nerve that stimulates the inevitable double standard, knee-jerk government reaction that results in more stupid draconian restrictions people wake up and begin to see the pompous political thugs and their mindless minions for what they are. Sadly, though I spent my entire life trying to believe it wasn’t so, but violence not only is the answer, it is the only answer. The cruel joke is that the really big chunks of shit at the top have known this all along and have been laughing, at and using this awareness against, fools like me all along.

I saw it written once that the definition of insanity is repeating the same process over and over and expecting the outcome to suddenly be different. I am finally ready to stop this insanity. Well, Mr. Big Brother IRS man, let’s try something different; take my pound of flesh and sleep well.

The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.
The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed.

Joe Stack (1956-2010)



I'm in awe. An older man, who by himself, made a point very clear. Of course he wanted to provoke us! He took his views to an extreme but perhaps it was the right amount to kick start some change.

jesus takes note, JESUS! - #2

?            JESUS!

jesus takes note, JESUS! - #1

(first of many more to come)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Robbery Plotting in the R&R

-thieves (killeen)
I think i am going to steal something tonight..... I just don't know what neighborhood

*and of course this cock ass tells some truth, bravo for holding the fort*

-Re: thieves (killeen) (Killeen)
Try my neighborhood. I live in Willow Springs. I'll be waiting for you with a couple of my buddies - Smith and Wesson.

*make some noise boys, we're going to war*

-re re thieves (killeen)
give me your address i can have something set up.

*oh wait someone has got a better idea*

-thieves (killeen) Im going to harker heights tonight (your house)
i'm going to steal from you tonight in harker heights... sweet dreams

*and the convincing sort decides to re-enforce the cause with some tips and tidbits*

-Re: thieves (killeen) Im going to harker heights tonight (your house)
Yeah, everyone knows that the folks in Harker Heights have more money and hence more big screen LCD t.v.'s, jewelery, cash, Xbox 360's, PS3's, DSLR cameras, Iphones and such. :) Besides, most of the folks that live in HH think they are better than everyone else so it's the right thing to do. Oh, they have good insurance too so they'll just get brand new stuff. :)

*maybe they shoulda just posted this business in the community rideshare board. find someone with an astro van and go at it. hit up several neighborhoods.*
*the ride share board is a good place to find murderers and demons who pose as innocent people with the sudden need to travel cross country with a stranger*

-family emergency need ride to pensacola florida (killeen/fthood)
Hello all am desperate to get a ride to as close to florida as I can get. I need to get there ASAP . Need ride for me and 3 smalllish dogs, very well behaved ;). My mom is dying and she wanted to see her dogs b4 she passes on . Plz contact me for any needed details

*what the unsuspecting citizen ready to travel to florida with this guy doesnt know is that this man is actually the Greek god of the underworld, Hades. Cerberus plays fetch. Those smallish dogs are gonna be fuggin cute*

Friday, January 29, 2010


(i am convinced that this ad will not at all be funny or interesting to any of you but i find it funny because...... i have no clue who wrote it, of course, and two, its probily my mom who did. i havnt talked to her or mentioned it, i dont know her schedule from today. i am just very sure she posted this. also, at the end of this posting, i will post an ad that i saved from a while back. it turns out i spend too much time on craigslist and everyone i know is aware of it. they even know that ill answer an ad before i return their call :O. hokay)

Okay, so I need to downsize! I am tired of all of this stuff! lol I have a HUGE moving box full of random stuff from around my house. Everything from kids stuff, to adult clothes, to kitchen items, to curtains, decorative stuff, and more.... I just went through my house, one room at a time and ANYTHING that was not put away or didn't really have a spot was put in the box. All items are still in great condition! I have a problem with shopping, lol and never end up using half of the stuff I buy.... Your gain and I get my house back!!!!! I don't care what you do with it, use it, give it away, sell it..... If not gone by 2pm today I will throw it in the trash!

In return I would like an... unopened cold can or bottle of mountain dew. lol

I am on WEST FORT HOOD so you will need a MILITARY decal to get on post. West Fort Hood is NOT on the main post but near cove on the other side of the highway. (like the cove walmart)

You can pick up anytime between 1230 and 200pm today. (nap time) Just let me know when you are coming.

(next portion)

i have sound proofing foam to get rid of ASAP - $5 - (copperas cove)

hey mikie, call me NOW!

you know exactly who this is.

(i didnt know who wrote it but as things fell together, turns out it was cody. i never really felt safe hanging out with that guy.)

Monday, January 25, 2010


Video Project!!!
Tascha and I doing a few songs for the first class project of the semester.
These were done at Central Texas Community College.
More coming! maybe music, maybe not.
Hopefully so.

okay now go visit this --------> BABIES

Friday, January 8, 2010

need car work done

maybe i should have put the first time i am a 61 year old women that needs work done on my car i can do laundry or babysit in return get my car fixed lolo
i would rather do baby sitting , anyway can do that as many times as you like to get my car fixed , i am just flat broke right now
its a 98 dodge intrepid it needs maybe a radiaor its been running hot now i cant keep water in it !! and other things like a tune up
and the wiring check , i live on post and i may can get the car to your house off post depends where u live and if you live on post near com2
i guess you could work on it at my house thanks

when responding i dont do bj sex or any other things like that so dont even go there thanks again

ITS BEEN A WHILE! - Mountain Man doing Tom Waits and Animal Tracks

Mountain Man from Ray ConcepcioƱ on Vimeo.

Tom Waits is the man and these lovly ladies blow me away every time, especially with their song Animal Tracks.