Friday, April 30, 2010

Bending Furbys

I learned something about a small hobby ive started getting into lately. Furbys are easy to short out, not too easy to get to their circuit leads (or the right ones for that matter), but things wont be as neat as i wish they could be (particularly with furbys). Oh by the way, the hobby being dabbled with is know as circuit bending. It's very easy and any idiot with some wires and a soldering iron can do it.

Listen to this song while reading the rest of this post.
(there is no meaning connection, just a mood thing in the morning while posting this)

(jesus thats a good song)

So here is what the furby looked like before i gutted it.

Right, cute as fuck but still standing strong with its creepy points. this little work of art didnt say much in all honesty. It would be like, im tired again, snooooooze snooooooze, and than stopped making noise only to not talk or say anything different after passin out. it would repeat this snooze when i would reset it though.

this is the furby when i took the fur off

the creepy points went up for sure. its amazing how different animals look with their fur ripped off, yeah?
so, after skinning it, i took out screws (sorry, i didnt take pictures of its insides, but if youre really that curious, CLICK HERE). I was messing with leads and connecting circuits together, THE FURBY SAID OTHER NORMAL FURBY STUFF! even though i got it out of its sleep trance, its still cracked open with guts spillin, i cant stop here. welllll eventually, i came across a couple connections that made the motors go nuts and one that made it make lots of crackling noises. that boring, sorry, the other furby videos gave me the wrong impression for sure. all those folks did was add an audio out jack on their furbys and routed it into an effects box of whatever sort. DAMMIT! how did i not notice. and on top of this realization, i accidentally hit whatever circuit too many times and took the furbys soul. it wont talk, it wont dance, it wont eat, nothing! it lives a quiet boring life now. and its my fault. it used to be so kinda lively. :(

WELL, i finished my crazy knob on my casio. so, if i find a video camera, you can bet your ass ill be makin a crazy knob video.
If any of you are secret electronics gurus and have any ideas and have the ability to explain them to me, hit me up, i could use some guidance.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Why does my dr. pepper taste like soap and why did it make my mouth go numb?

i was rather puzzled today so i asked the generous Yahoo!Answers community.


okay, so i usually drink dr. pepper. in restaurants, at work, at school, everywhere! actually, i drink wayyyy more soda than i aught to be. i work at a gas station where i can drink fountain drinks for free. i drink about 16 ounces of dr. pepper for every hour and a half during my 8 hour shift and than more depending on where im at or what im doing outside of work. so, yes, i drink A LOT of dr. pepper and i love how it tastes.

today at school, i got a can of dr. pepper from a vending machine to sip on while digitizing some raw video. i get in front of the computer, crack it open, and take a swig. it tastes kinda funny. i try it again to double take the sensation, my tongue notices the inside of the rim as i drink it, making sure my tongue gets as much flavor as this soda has to offer. it kinda tastes like dish soap. its not really a bad taste because its still sugary but the taste of soap is odd. the carbonation level is at a normal and its still pretty cold.
as i continue working on the computer and pondering this soapy taste, i start to notice my mouth feeling weird, like i put oragel on my lips, teeth, and tongue. now i know the acid level of dr. pepper is high but like i said before, i drink it a lot and my tongue has never gone numb.
so, its been about an hour and a half since the first sip and about 30 minutes since my last. my tongue is still kinda numb feeling and i still have a soapy aftertaste. i didnt pour it out because im waiting for a family member to come home and see if its just me or if this soda has got some funk to it.
if any of you has an idea of why this soda is treating my mouth the way it has, please help me with some explanation or just tell me im a crazy idiot and it was a waste of time and 5 points asking this question.



R.E.s answer
There was likely something spilled on the outside of the can. There is little to no chance of knowing what it was at this point.
Solution- Always rinse cans (this includes pantry cans) before opening them! They are known for having all sorts of terrible things on them. I will spare you the details as to common substances found on cans. I promise you don't want to know. Anyway, you didn't die yet, so you are probably fine.

(jesus! you recieve the best answer! i will for sure wipe off my cans from now on.)

zanys answer
Okay i don't know why it tastes like soap
but it makes your mouth go numb cuz its fizzy!

(fuckin, duh, why do ya gotta go and get all smart on me like that. i cant believe i let that pass over my head)

u work at the hollywood movie theater - m4w

(im going to police the shit out of this one)


u work at the movies...u have red hair and i think u were very beautiful...we had a small chat while i was ordering my nachos lol tell me what ur name tag said and maybe we can talk somemore


okay, man, i used to work at this theater and still keep in touch with some of the employees, i know who this missed connection is for. how old are you? what kinda plans would you have if she contacted you? make some more nachos? shes 17years old. shes super cool so dont get too flattered if she was polite while serving you junk food. those employees have to be polite when selling you a $6.50 tray of nachos. "u" did great with the craigslist ad too man. im sure she melted. "ur" a legend in throwing game my good captain.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

random guy yelling in a green tank top (heights)

has anyone else seen a black male in a green tank top with headphones yelling nonsense by indian trail and 190??

(and a reply to this ad)

Yeah I've seen him intermittently. Not always there but I have seen him more than once and never really hear what he's saying. Occasionally, these sort of fellows pop up in this area. I don't see it as an annoyance or a bad thing, for, I respect the arts and musical expression.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Because we all love them and their music, it's been decided to post another video of them.
Due to the number of folks ive had request the chords/tab of this song,
ive posted them on ultimate guitar <---(click there)
It seems that everyone likes mine and tascha's cover of it, and you can see it here.
Its a pretty simple guitar part but it takes some pipes to sing like they do.

well here is that video i promised.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

music In 3D!!

Captain Concepcion has done it again with insane camera techniques. For sure that is what cought my attention on these two videos.
ive never been a big fan or the indie dance pop but i cant help myself away from the screen.

Love: Whose Songs are Dreams in the Human Mind // Toro Y Moi [Part 1 of 2] from Ray Concepcion on Vimeo.

WOAH!! the crowd looks crazy
this band is a little more my taste.

Love: Whose Songs are Dreams in the Human Mind // The Ruby Suns [Part 2 of 2] from Ray Concepcion on Vimeo.

once again with these videos, wear headphones. also, email me at if you wanna be an author.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Casiotone Casiopeia Commercial

tascha and i made this commercial for my field tv production class. the idea was to make a 30 second commercial using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

if you are un-familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, click the pyramid to visit a blog where it is explained.

now for my commercial. this commercial had orders to consist of something from each level on the pyramid.

okay i think ive got something from each level crammed into a 30 second commercial, glorifying a late 80's Casio Keyboard i picked up at goodwill for $5.

next thing on my list to do is circuit bend that bad boy and melt brains with insane noises. kinda like this guy did with his casio mt-240 .

leave a comment or something. remember, im looking for more authors, so dont be afraid to email me an example of what you could put on this blog at

Monday, April 12, 2010

SORRY GUYS! but yes!

I havnt posted anything lately. Its been hard to get on the internet and make time. AHH! sooooo, since i suck and cant make time, anybody else want to be an author of this blog??? i am thinking on setting up a posting schedule. something like, Sexturdays for raunchy craigslist personals, and like, hipster trash tuesdays for music and cocaine. of course you can still just post whatever you want. as long as it fits within the idea of this blog. ridiculous personal ads and insanity from rants & raves, alternative music and art (we can be fancy and call it "indie"), funny stuff, and whatever else you think would make this blog fantastic.
SOOOO, if you want to be an author, send me an email at with an example of what you would end up posting. dont be shy, at all. also, lose some shame too. people like sex and music.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

i was bound to do this eventually

this is music and film appreciation in 10 minutes.

this guy is a damn rock star

David Bowie - Life On Mars
Uploaded by SamFisher037. - Explore more music videos.

and now for Seu Jorge with it in Portuguese

i cant get over any of this