Wednesday, March 31, 2010

hottest beer drinking woman contest

hottest beer drinking woman contest (online)

im in a contest for hottest beer drinking woman but need more ppl to go vote for me this week please. vote for Raylene please! bottoms up lol

*(i just looked her up for you)

Re:hottest beer drinking woman contest (online) (Cove)

Hell, you ain't even drinking a beer in your pic. Besides, you're ugly as shit.

*(now sir, i personally am not a fan of blonds but lord, that is very out spoken) 

re hottie beer contest

lol if i thought i was gorgeous i would try to be a model, but i dont. im just screwing around tryin to get a few more votes. i have seen all the attention this site gets and figured ppl wouldnt mind clicking a button

*(screwing around? naaa.)

re: hottie (killeen)

You are cute (and I'm a woman saying that!), don't listen to the cheeto-fingered haters! Good luck!

*(great job on the defensive, but what the fuck is wrong with cheeto-fingers. dont act like you dont enjoy a good snack.)

personally, i dont thing shes "ugly as shit" but really, a hottie beer drinking contest? i was recently described the statistics of intelligent/dim witted people in this part of texas. well, we for sure have the most idiots. now, im not saying im a genius or anything, i suck at math, retaining information, and school, although, i am aware of the idiots that past me in wal mart and everywhere else. in reality, these people aught to find other interests. like rather than their rims or how many tattoos they have, they could just buy a reliable vehicle and express their appreciation for visual art by maybe going to an art show or something. (btw. ed hardy is ridiculous. fuck off if you own a shirt or lighter. youre the biggest tool of them all.) also, maybe instead of entering yourself into a contest for "beer drinking hotties", try not focusing your time on getting drunk and fucking. thats just destructive. the large bulk of people who live in this town dedicate everything they do towards shit talking or impressing. i like to talk bad about people at times and its healthy to wear nice cloths to feel good about myself. sure im guilty but jesus, a beer drinking hottie contest?

honestly, i voted for Pia.

(hands down)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

this guy will talk to anyone about anything

i love this guy and i dont even know him. It is mostly because he has on an authenitc Zissou cap and sticking out of his coat a little, you can tell he is wearing his strike orce uniform. On the side of me loving him because of his honorable life style and respectable crew he runs with, he alse came up with a great idea. even tho he did this four years ago, it doesnt mean it is an outdated idea.

he put this booth next to organizations tabling political and religious causes. instead of having to pick and choose what kind of information you want, from whatever focused person, and having to navigate through the park to do so, you can talk to this guy about anything. politics, space travel, growing crops, your kids, how grandma hunts road runners out in the desert, the weather......... ANYTHING

what an amazing thing to do! woah!

not only did this guy sport some honorable threads and make open conversation available to everyone, he also made instructions for folks like you and me to do the same!

Click on the children's book to go to the instructions. also if you want, click HERE to go buy this book! its a win/win no matter what you click! also dont forget to leave comments and suggestion.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Louis Armstrong is a sexy girl

[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]

Okay, now we need to pretend louis armstrong, wearing a VERY suggestive school girl outfit, as a teenage girl.
Or the other way around cause obviously, brittney spears is trying to fit the shoes of a large bluesy black man.
what a twist of music history.

5 Cheers!

i found the file streaming on SuperMasterpiece. the old quality is very quiet and rather poppy. the quiet and poppy comes from the fact that it was recorded in 1936 and released on vinyl. i remastered the file and that is what is streaming above.
if you particularly like the old record click and pop, visit the link above to go listen.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Stealing from the little dudes? JESUS!

Would you like to donate a dollar to MDA?
JERRY'S KIDS, the little dudes, COULD USE IT.
it'd be nice to cure muscular dystrophy. heh?

this fool decided that, with a perfect distraction of a non-working food stamp card being processed on the other end of the counter, he could match par for a rock by jacking a couple bucks from the donation jar.

look at this asshole. yep, thats the jar in his left hand and the lid in his right.

annnnnndd deennn

this dude tried coming back to buy beer with the 6 dollars he stole an hour before. JESUS!

its a dick move to steal, period.
but stealing from a donation jar? a donation jar for jerry's kids? thats beyond fucked up.
well mr orange shirt, drunk crackhead dude, i think you aught to start reorganizing your morals and priorities.

now for JESUS!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Electronics Fabrication

nobody claimed it.

of course since I announced its existence, and it was closest to my backpack, there is a rising suspicion in my electronics class that I'm something of an odd one.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

She's So Spicy!

She's So Spicy!

Helping a canadian friend win canadian dorito money! woo. go and vote five stars just because.