Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dear Miss Barret,


I remember that day. You were really sad. So I went to Mr. Lampe's room and spoke of my Burlesque Fest desires. WHICH HE WAS THE MC FOR.


Hail the Hippos...

and their shitty dance team.

2 MUSICS! and yes! its wonderful. its pill wonderful

these guys are geniuses. they've made it insanely difficult for people to download their music for free. they're a blog buzz band whose album Jungle/Surf, has only been released on tape cassette under the Wild Animal Kingdom record label. I respect the shit out of that! i have no desire to download their music anymore. These guys are amazing! the Jungle/Surf cassette tapes are alllll sold out but there is word that the folks over at Underwater Peoples, will be releasing the album on vinyl record, WHICH I AM FUCKING STOKED ABOUT!
anyways, here is Pill Wonder.

Pill Wonder - Gone To The Market from Chocolate Bobka on Vimeo.


and MORE?!?! yup! these guys go by the name Real Estate. This video was filmed by the same camera, in the same club, on the same night. Honestly, i think im diggin' Real Estate a bit more than pill wonder. It may have to do with alex bleeker up on stage with them. Im liking this song a lot at least. I am the type that chooses a laid back, relaxing sound over something fast and poppy. thats just how i am.
You can find some music on cassette over at Wild Animal Kingdom
And more music over here at Underwater Peoples
Enjoy this song like i do.

Real Estate - Black Lake from Chocolate Bobka on Vimeo.


i am going to just start posting everything i do involving music, sex, racisim, and everything else that matters, on this blog. my reason is simple. there are more people subscribed to this blog and im tired of making a judgement call on the content of new posts. my other blog is just gonna be my own shenanigans. maybe that one will spark interest but as the trend is showing, you all like sex, drugs, and rock music wayyyyy more (i am in total understanding of these common interests, especially over my boring antics).
this blog is gonna stay the same, personal ads, drug references, racism, but im gonna throw in more music. kinda like taking the music from the other blog and dropping it here instead. basically to give you guys more to read. also, tascha is an author on this blog already. lets all vote on days for which we will schedule a tascha post. wooo. drop a line to suggest a day of the week or like, where we are in the moon phase (moon phase chart).
if you feel like you want to write in this blog, send me an email at stickbug.mc@gmail.com. you're probily more of a twisted shit than myself also a better taste in music. you'd do GREAT!

Something to look at at the end of this post.

Monday, December 7, 2009

dope fiends

i had to repost this. i found this video over on the Hail Mary Jane blog. The funny or die guys are still up there with my favorite trash internet comedy fix. i have two younger sisters who are obsessed with twilight and i feel that they need an experience like this badly. Twilight fans are the dope fiends of hollywood. Just like drugs, targeting the youth. Bravo.

keep me laughing, internet.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

depending on the person, my sister would either quietly confront them, or say nothing?


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Over chinese buffet and a wicked stomache ache

Nick Drake - Things Behind The Sun from Phil Bebbington on Vimeo.

video surfing again...... i came across a familiar name. brother tim from college station reccomended the shit out of a gentalman named Nick Drake.
we were having a car picnic outside of a chinese restuarant, listening to cds, and chatting up the atmosphere. brother tim was conviced, with each initial impression, that every song we were listening to was by Nick Drake. of course, until we corrected his assumption. it was a mix cd which consisted of no Nick Drake. where was he pulling these ideas from??? i mean, i dont hold it against him but, shiiiiiittt. after each assumption, he would than reccomend that we check out Nick Drake. finally, i did and am pleased as fuck.
amazing song writing and the style is right in cue with my present music taste.
fuck yeah and thank you brother tim from college station.
keep up the ska rockin drum kicks and lets run into eachother at a show again.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands: Marissa Nadler [Part 2 of 2]


More of this lovely lady's beautiful voice. ohgod! i dont know what to do with myself. mmmMMmm Marissa Nadler..

Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands: Marissa Nadler [Part 2 of 2] from Ray Concepcioñ on Vimeo.

wear head phones and just like me, have a hard time not loving her voice.
the video is a trip too. jesus.

Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands: Marissa Nadler [Part 1 of 2]

Now lets put on more of a serious face. Her voice is one to fall in love with.

Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands: Marissa Nadler [Part 1 of 2] from Ray Concepcioñ on Vimeo.

wear headphones! the sound quality is amazing.
Just in time for december.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Horny visitor where should I go~?

I'm getting hot reading all of your posts. I've never been with a woman but am very turned on by the idea. I love men, but am craving a woman. I wan't to know what a woman feels like. I've had a fantasy of a women going down on me in a public place where there's a chance of being caught or freaky females that like using toys. I can host. Wear your BOOTS and come make this SissySlut Your AMISH Algae Eater, if you're hearing me ;D . Please be clean and drug free. I need you tonight! I have a husband that may be introduced later after I get comfortable. Your picture gets mine. let me know your id, and let's do this Hurry!



Thursday, November 26, 2009

milk. i am serious - m4w - 20 - long island

Looking for the pregnant girl, or that girl that is still nursing and is looking for some attention.

I have a little curiosity I'd like to itch, and it kind of requires one of those two things, Nothing super weird, just want to play and have some fun with pregnant girl and or nursing (tits full of milk!)

I believe the best chance for success if is with a girl I am physically attracted to.
If you don't mind helping out a guy, and have some fun yourself drop me a message with a a subject that says "Milk"

Pics for pics, ect, lets not waste each others time!

(really, i am looking for her)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

your amy. your new girlfriend.

you think you love her. is it because of when she cooks, she cooks you spaghetti with out onions and when its bright, she blocks the sun from from eyes. do you two hold hands at the mall and kiss at red traffic lights, long enough to get honked at because it has already turned green. well thats fucking cute. you said you loved me. the way you looked at me and the way you touched me, you seemed like you ment it. i wish i could have loved you. maybe i did. maybe i did because of how i feel now. its been long enough for me to get over you. whenever i think of you and her, eating a fancy dinner (that she cooked and of course you tried to help but you cant cook so you didnt do more than hand her a wooden spoon or maybe graded some cheese), i hate myself a little more. i did everything i could. i wish i could have done more. i feel it was my inefficancy is what tore us apart. i assume you got bored? yeah, well you hurt me... and it went deep. i do still love you. i dont even know how i came to write this. i didnt think i could happen and i sure you dont expect to hear from me. i cant send you this. so, keep forgetting.
i have a new partner. hes a sound techie for a band called brain squeegee. their a surfer band from california. he sometimes catches me thinking about you but how can i not. i guess he wishes he also had a real girlfriend, who cooked and could go bike riding with.
im happy for you.

gammy leglady
(a picture of my new life)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Re:Satanism - (world)

The only people following that shitty religion are your run of the mill trash you see spending their yoohoo money at the local Hot Topic.

Satanism (world)

Hey, gimme a holler if you love and worship Satan as Master.

I am starting a local church.

Friday, November 20, 2009

High - w4m - 27

I am a plus sized married woman who is looking for a long term thing. So, I've had it in my mind that I want to reverse roles and do a sexy guy up the butt with a strap-on. please be a non smoker because i love to kiss. Of course, I will be very sweet with you. I will tease you for a long time, make you suck my "cock" on your knees, spank your ass, tease your tight hole with my fingers, and then gently slide it in. How will you feel, being my little bitch? I think you will love it! I have received several responses and not been satisfied. Anyone have a strap-on (or willing to buy me one) and make this happen? I want to make you feel like a goddess. Pic for pic, Must be DDF, discrete, local, and real.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

wowie! kids who frequent the joint and their insight.

We are told what to want, what to think. How to dress, how to act, how to speak.
We are told what we want to do with our lives.
We are given a mask, and we gratefully put it on.
It is insidious.
Most people don't even think about it, and when confronted with the facts, they deny it vehemently, call it paranoia.
The fact is, though, that every facet of our lives has been designed. By the mass media, by propaganda, by a million different influences.
And if we challenge it, we're the villains?

Identity. It is who we are, isn't it. Without it, we'd be nothing but a faceless mass, like ants. That's a good thing, isn't it?
Emergence, though, what about that. A complex system from nothing, order from chaos. Intelligence, purpose from nothing.
Anyone who's been on the *chans will surely see that it is possible for people, although admittedly, online activities will differ from a situation in real life.
Anyway, back on topic.
I don't like it.
So I've decided to try and immerse myself in anonymity. Throw my identity away for a while. It's been enjoyable so far. And I've come to some interesting conclusions.

As Nietszche once said, God is dead, and we killed him.
But an addendum is, we've replaced God. With ourselves, and with the mass media and related cultures.
We used to sacrifice lives to the old, fearsome gods. Now we sacrifice life to the Television, that magical alter, in the form of time.
As for making ourselves Gods?
What are Gods, but memes. Perpetuated ideas, concepts, shaped in the minds of people to suit what they require. Guides on how to live our lives. Terrifying, vengeful demons to keep us from straying to evil. We made them in our heads, assigned them identities. They were clearly defined concepts, each of them. Almost elemental.
Now, however, we have killed God. Science has killed God, we live in a clinical, cold world. That's an improvement, of course, I for one have no faith in a fictional deity.
So what could we do, but find a replacement?

We now assign identities to other people. We make them what we need, out of what we know about them. We have friends who are our shoulders to cry on. Friends and family who are our models for life. We each have as many faces as people we meet. We are no longer solid individuals, if we ever were. Now, we are shifting, changing things. We don't even create our own identity, thanks to the media culture of self-improvement and perfection. No. No no no. We try and compose and nurture an image as we would like the world to see us; limited of course by our physical and mental limitations.
So, what's the situation here?

Second-order simulacra. No longer can we tell the difference between the real self and the manufactured identities. Hyperreality, when we don't even know there was a difference. We are creating reality ourselves, now, a fake, plastic one. A simulation of the real thing.
Conflict, for example. We don't even know what real conflict is any more, for the most part. We see it on the television and assign it an identity from what we know.
We are making little clay worlds, and believing in them.
It's horrifying, to me, at least, because by doing so, we have become little clay people. We are so easily used, now.
But what can I do but laugh?

What is an identity?
A name is a nation. A name is an island. A name is everything that divides you from others. A name is a colour that taints everything you say, everything you do.
A name is convincing yourself you are different. A name is being alone in a crowded room. A name is convincing yourself you are singular in a world of billions.
An identity is how they define you. An identity is the way they need you, the way they want you, to be.
An identity is a portrait of you. Everything you are ashamed of, everything you are proud of, everything you don't want to think about, laid bare on the canvas that is you.
I laugh.
Your world is a maze; a labyrinth of divisions, of seperations, of conflicting rules and laws, of names, of slavery.
I am not my name. I am not my identity. I am my ideas. My thoughts. I am nothing more than those, and nothing less.
My world is one of a vast sea, where I am free. I am free to seek knowledge. Free to be something more than myself.
I am anonymous.
I am more than I.
I chose something more than nations. More than singularity.
I am anonymous, and you can never meet me, you can never find me, you can never stop me, you can never catch me, you can never kill me, for I am many.
I am anonymous.
Leave identity to me.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

And there are more men laughing

I was diagnosed with two different degenerative, untreatable VULVA diseases this week. This was straight out of THE GOOD BOOK after having a sore LABIA for a BAPTISM. I am 40. I am DAZZLING, strong and have 4 LITTLE ONES. DR PERRY COX has told me I have a 5% chance of being in a BREAD MAKER within a year , 25% chance of being in SEMIWEEKLY pain for the rest of THE COLONIZATION and a 75% chance of having periodic REDEFINITION for the rest of THE COLONIZATION. I am ex-VOYERIST but I have spent the last few days taking MY BOATMAN off to dark TRAINCARS to cry alone and try and get my head around CHECKING FLUIDS.
I am in PALPITATIVE shock. I cannot HANDSHAKE anyone in any way. I am COLORFAST and very SHAGGED and don't know how to handle the CAKED HORMONES. I don't know why I have posted on this TABLECLOTH but I need to tell PEOPLE WHO EAT MOR THAN I DO, EVERYONE of just how fucking SACRED I am ...DR PERRY COX says he is sure I am a COLLECTABLE guy and can BENIFIT FROM THE STOCK MARKET .... I am but I cant BENIFIT WITH my VULVA rotting in front of my children.

please, PLEASE!

if anyone seees a kid walking around central ave and 16th street with a gay-ass emo haircut and a notebook full of pictures of dicks, that's my step son.
Please stop and give him a haircut.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

you all are my favorite, every night

i'm proud of my selection for comic relief.
every night i get off work at 11:00pm and i know that when i get home, you all will be waiting for me to read your thoughts.
your thoughts on..
global warming and oh god, how fake that global warming is.
the college girl whining about her stds she contracted from a soldier, or maybe five. and how nobody is capable of showing sympathy, the other posters just lay it flat, they're liers, cheaters, and sneaky assholes.
the irony of it is, these people replying back to this girl's crys, are the wives of the gi's that are fucking her. or maybe the wives of the gi's that are fucking another young lady.
and the racist bunch, OBABA IS A NIGGER. any post that has that line in it instantly has the next couple days' posts starting with RE:OBAMA,RACIST PRICK. and the arguement goes on.
always do the fat chicks get made fun of. everytime. there are some hurtful things thrown around on the r&r's like this, Are making us all puke. Just because YOU are fat does not mean when we stare we think you are hot, its because we think you are GROSS. that brutal. a lot of the time its a skinny girl calling out fatties. reminds me of grade school.
the worst is the people who try to influence whats right. oh god do they get the load of it. haha. these people will write a six paragraph essay to make thier point. for each paragraph written, there will be at least 3 posts reflecting how much of a cock face that person is. and of course if they have made a good, influential point, all of the haters will instantly turn into grammar police. picking at their sentences like your little sister picking the onions and olives out of her spaghetti.
whatever you do, absolutely continue your attempt to have a valid point on the r&r's, especially if you're looking for friends. and it is, with out a doubt, in my best interest for you to continue to be a shallow fuck with the witts to tear apart a fat girl or another lonely liberal.

looking for romance

I'm married, no need to read further if you take issue with that.
I'm also nice and considerate. I did just attempt to save ppl some time.

I've read, and read, and read, and read CL ads for a cpl years now. I don't know how well I'll fare as it seems to me that there's a lot of repeats on here; "regulars" i suppose is the terminology. All the same big beautiful women in search of their CL LTR. It's not my goal to become a regular poster, one of those "just looking" males, but I am an avid reader. Not that I haven't posted in the past, but all I got was spam...,.and the overwhelming desire to change my email address. Ahhhhh, those wacky spammers will get ya every time, no?

As I've read through the ads I've always wondered, what would my ad state to make me stand out? I mean, what hasn't been said? It's like trying to come up with a new cool unused pick up line. It can probably be done, but geez, isn't just being myself better? I've never been a barlfy, but have been to a few in my younger stud-muffin days. (yes, I was studly.....age takes its toll on us all....except that freak Sylvester Stallone! LORD!) I could never get the nerve to use a corny pick up line. How many times have you heard: "It's pouring rain because Heaven is missing an angel like you." or "Those pants look nice on you, bet they'd look better on my floor"

Of course, I'm not the type of guy to want a girl who goes for pick up lines. I need something up stairs. Not to much, but you know, more than the last president at least. Not that I want to talk world politics, stock values, or my latest trade-in..... Ok, ok, I may talk politics and religion, but that ain't gonna put me in the mood and I can imagine the same for you.

Getting in the mood. Hmm....guess we can address that now. Granted I may be forward, but at least you know why you're answering my ad. Yes, obviously, the bottom line is sex. I want to experience some, and if you do, then we have at least one thing in common. I can actually be a friend and confidante (the government trusted me with a high level security clearance, won't you?) but to be clear, I surely have a wife at home. An irreplaceable one. But the tenderness is gone, no romance, no oomph. I'd say the frequency has diminished, but disappeared would be more appropriate.

I am, of course, interested in what you want. Really, I am. This is a two-way street. I love giving massages, it gives me pleasure to see you pleased. So if you are in tune with yourself and want to let me know what you want, then perhaps we can find some common ground. Try me, you can't shock me.

What would be a deal breaker? Asking for money. I grew up when free-love was waning, never have been into prostitution. Drugs. No need. If you don't know how to feel good without drugs, you don't know yourself. Head-case. Ha! just had to put that in there. Yes, I know full well, a head-case doesn't know they are a head-case. But at least I can tell my buddies, over a beer, "i knew a head-case once...."

Now how do I put my "im not a spammer disclaimer?" Wait, does that count? ;)

Friday, October 23, 2009

mason craigslist > personals > missed connections > I cant get that ass off my mind. shit, i love you

"hey, give up on reading this now. i wont make you feel better and probily wont piss you off either. you'll end up wasting 10 minuts by reading all of this ad.
its come to me that all of you deep down inside, long for a missed connection written for you. i know there will never be one about me. the odds of you or i getting a missed connection written for us are very, very low.
ive encountered several people who are convinced that they will get one and, shortly after, them and the love of their life will meet, date, marry, and grow old together. that is just lazy and a stupid practice of futility.
but yeah, these kinda ads will either flatter or depress.
i titled it like so because i know everyone will click it.
when you read this, you will be upset because its not for you.
the title is extreamly vague. so dont get your hopes up.
i wont be replying to any of your emails, because im not a sweet heart.
its silly that you are reading this because once again, it is not for you.
i hope you dont wish this is for you because i know you are just another one of those "BBWs" searching for that man who can tolerate your weight.
im a shallow fuck. so, go away, dont email me.
this was going to be written for someone but she will never read it.
and if she did, she wouldnt have know who it was from.
plus, the origional idea went away as soon as i realized that i was just going to get a bunch of retarded emails for every other lonely women in this hell hole.
maybe another time."

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Funny, smart, and good looking!!

"...it's been quite a while since i last had sex.... and i never had that much sex to begin with. i was a late bloomer shall we say... i didn't actually lose my virginity until i was 30. but since then i have manage to have sex about 30 times. not with 30 women.... no where close. but i guess i should've never started in with this whole sex business... sex is a lot like food, once you've had it, you want to have it again.... except unlike food, you can't buy it. well, i suppose you could, but that's not legal where i live... or so they say. but i don't even really feel like paying for it either. it just seems to cheapen the whole idea of having sex. i mean, how would it even work..... you just walk into a brothel... like the bunny ranch. don't ask me why i know that.... really, i've never been. but are there really girls that stand in a line and you say, "i'll take that one.... nah, maybe that one instea...." or do they hand you a menu? just imagine if you were one of those women and some 300 pound guy comes in smelling of cigaretts smoke and burgers.... maybe that's a turn on to some.... but it just seems sort of disgusting, without being too judgemental.... since i have my share of short comings.... namely, something that's in my pants and not to mention my receding hairline and crooked nose.... and my deplorable personality..... but aside from that..... i know this will have the ladys dieing to sleep with me.... but maybe we're two people that just want some action..... maybe we're two wayward stars in this immense galaxy.... maybe we're on a collision course.... and when we make contact..... it'll be an epic collision.... or maybe we're just two horny people looking to get off.... of course with the help of one another. maybe you could lend a helping hand and i can return the favor..... anyways, if you were one of those ladys and some 300 pound guy picks you..... well, i'm not sure what you would do.... turn in your panties? well, the long and short of this is i'm just a sad sap, turning my energies and aspirations to this little place on the internet..... in this great big world, i come here... a place where guys like me troll the internet looking for other loss souls..... i don't think i'm doing a good job of selling myself.... i'm starting to appear rather predatory. mmm.... i'm not sure i can take back some of my lines? i suppose i could, but then it would be like editing myself.... i usually just let my fingers go.... and whatever comes out, i'm not responsible for...... since it's my fingers that are doing the typing. it's not me... if you're going to arrest someone.... lock up my fingers. well, i highly doubt i convinced anyone to sleep with me let alone have sex with me.... but you never know... maybe there's someone drunk enough out there.... or maybe somehow the stars are aligned and the mood is just right and you find the slighest glimmer of attractiveness in me.... maybe you see something in my eyes...... and please don't say stupidity.... i've heard that one way too many times..... please say a "sexual tiger" or "a man's man..." or something really sexual.... like a sexy latino name.... like pedro or raul.... something that just makes you want to rip my clothes off and devour me.... something irrestible! say it to me baby.....
or just email me..... maybe we could plan a love affair for this weekend.... and by love affair, i don't mean.... cheating on your husband or bf.... sorry, even perverts have to draw the line somewhere..... sorry, i don't do aduletry..... well, unless she works at the brothel....."

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

racing like drunken bees

"I am your genuine sleaze bag fuck ball. i have MORE bugs crawling on my nuts than Henry."
"I will take the opportunity to use you and take full advantage of you. I will drip you dry."
"I have fucked you in more ways than you know and its going to stay that way."
"AND GOD YES, i will expect you to cry"
"Because I am the one in control."
Everything you hear will be a lie and you are letting it happen. And the time is now.
its strategy, being gentle and absolutely passionate,
this will surely have them coming back.
or open the door for you to go back in.
being gentle when obvious about intentions,
"i really just want to fuck you."
"off the topic, i was raised to believe that sex is for lovers only."
i love you."

Monday, October 5, 2009

¡ Rhutism-xenographa !

thanks to those of you who are supporting me, and my HIGH VOLTAGE SPIT for those who are naysayers and evil non-gooders saying negative things about me HANDS ok? now to the point, my POINT I will make now.

this guy at Gold Corral, he is fat right? i think we need to get Papa Rotsi involved in this because if Lady Galga will bleed on stage for the Papa Rotsi then imagine what Papa Rotsi would do to a fat guy at a round table who drools over kids? Papa Rotsi would say "NO YOU CAN NOT FOLLOW ME AND YOU ARE NOT MY BIGGEST FAN BECAUSE YOU ARE ONLY THE FAN OF MEATBALLS AND FATTY FOODS AND TRANSFATTY ACIDS AND KIDS IN RESTAURANTS WHO HAVE A NICE AND PRETTY MOM LIKE RHONDA!" just kidding, that's what I HANDS say, not what Papa Rotsi says.

Rhonda, next time Lady Galga is in the area I can buy tickets to her concerts and we can go maybe you know?

when i go to a restaurant I sit in a different seat eveyrftime except sometimes that way people can't predict my patterns of movement. i keep my brain active by being random because I am a NEUROPHYSIOLOGIST and I know how the brain and MUSCLES work because I was on the UNIVERSITY OF UTAH (UoU) BODY BUILDING TEAM and we WON THE REGIONALS!

i read through a lot on the CRAIGSLIST and I have a question for the guy who is a cook named Brikan. Brikan, HANDS here! i want to know if I come to your restaurant can I request FRENCHTOAST? when I have FRENCHTOAST i am like Popeyes with the spinach, but I speak much more clearly than Popeye ok Brikan? Brikan I will pay you extra on the side if you can make me FRENCHTOAST when I go to the restaurant Little Italia in Kelleen. thanks Brikan ok? ok thanks!

HANDS's the Little Italia, Yes I HANDS Did!

i went to the Little Italia today and I was upset when I asked for chicken caccitori and the waitress said to me, "i'm sorry, HANDS!, we don't have that. may i recommend the chicken cantaloni?" i said, "DAMN!" but then I said, "NO!" then she asked me if i'd like more time to look over the menu and I told her, "NO Ma'am but ok thanks! what do you suggest?" she told me a lot of people like the chicken murphy, and i said, "NO!" but then I said "I will have -- no! -- may I please have the CHICKEN MARSHALL" and she was very nice and polite, she asked me if I mean the chicken marsala and I told her yes that will be fine with me if she wants to ask the cook to make it for me. and then i liked it very much a lot and i told my waitress, Darlene, "Who is the name of the cook dudes?" and she told me Brikan and I told her to tell Briken after I leave that I want FRENCHTOAST next time!

THAT is why I am posting this because if Briken reads this I want him t o go get FRENCHTOAST ingredients and I will pay him back later. but i only want the FRENCHTOAST as appetizer because FRENCHTOAST pumps me UP like a FRENCHTOAST BODYBUILDING CHAMPION FOR UNIVERSITY OF UTAH (UoU) WE WON THE REGIONALS 2002! so Briken if you can make me FRENCHTOAST for appetizer and maybe for my meal I will have the LASAGNA or the CHICKEN MURPHY or the VEAL MARSHALL Marsala, ok thanks Briken. ok thanks!