Friday, January 29, 2010


(i am convinced that this ad will not at all be funny or interesting to any of you but i find it funny because...... i have no clue who wrote it, of course, and two, its probily my mom who did. i havnt talked to her or mentioned it, i dont know her schedule from today. i am just very sure she posted this. also, at the end of this posting, i will post an ad that i saved from a while back. it turns out i spend too much time on craigslist and everyone i know is aware of it. they even know that ill answer an ad before i return their call :O. hokay)

Okay, so I need to downsize! I am tired of all of this stuff! lol I have a HUGE moving box full of random stuff from around my house. Everything from kids stuff, to adult clothes, to kitchen items, to curtains, decorative stuff, and more.... I just went through my house, one room at a time and ANYTHING that was not put away or didn't really have a spot was put in the box. All items are still in great condition! I have a problem with shopping, lol and never end up using half of the stuff I buy.... Your gain and I get my house back!!!!! I don't care what you do with it, use it, give it away, sell it..... If not gone by 2pm today I will throw it in the trash!

In return I would like an... unopened cold can or bottle of mountain dew. lol

I am on WEST FORT HOOD so you will need a MILITARY decal to get on post. West Fort Hood is NOT on the main post but near cove on the other side of the highway. (like the cove walmart)

You can pick up anytime between 1230 and 200pm today. (nap time) Just let me know when you are coming.

(next portion)

i have sound proofing foam to get rid of ASAP - $5 - (copperas cove)

hey mikie, call me NOW!

you know exactly who this is.

(i didnt know who wrote it but as things fell together, turns out it was cody. i never really felt safe hanging out with that guy.)

Monday, January 25, 2010


Video Project!!!
Tascha and I doing a few songs for the first class project of the semester.
These were done at Central Texas Community College.
More coming! maybe music, maybe not.
Hopefully so.

okay now go visit this --------> BABIES

Friday, January 8, 2010

need car work done

maybe i should have put the first time i am a 61 year old women that needs work done on my car i can do laundry or babysit in return get my car fixed lolo
i would rather do baby sitting , anyway can do that as many times as you like to get my car fixed , i am just flat broke right now
its a 98 dodge intrepid it needs maybe a radiaor its been running hot now i cant keep water in it !! and other things like a tune up
and the wiring check , i live on post and i may can get the car to your house off post depends where u live and if you live on post near com2
i guess you could work on it at my house thanks

when responding i dont do bj sex or any other things like that so dont even go there thanks again

ITS BEEN A WHILE! - Mountain Man doing Tom Waits and Animal Tracks

Mountain Man from Ray ConcepcioƱ on Vimeo.

Tom Waits is the man and these lovly ladies blow me away every time, especially with their song Animal Tracks.