Friday, January 8, 2010

need car work done

maybe i should have put the first time i am a 61 year old women that needs work done on my car i can do laundry or babysit in return get my car fixed lolo
i would rather do baby sitting , anyway can do that as many times as you like to get my car fixed , i am just flat broke right now
its a 98 dodge intrepid it needs maybe a radiaor its been running hot now i cant keep water in it !! and other things like a tune up
and the wiring check , i live on post and i may can get the car to your house off post depends where u live and if you live on post near com2
i guess you could work on it at my house thanks

when responding i dont do bj sex or any other things like that so dont even go there thanks again

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  1. I am totally in art class on Esterby's computer as I type this.