Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Robbery Plotting in the R&R

-thieves (killeen)
I think i am going to steal something tonight..... I just don't know what neighborhood

*and of course this cock ass tells some truth, bravo for holding the fort*

-Re: thieves (killeen) (Killeen)
Try my neighborhood. I live in Willow Springs. I'll be waiting for you with a couple of my buddies - Smith and Wesson.

*make some noise boys, we're going to war*

-re re thieves (killeen)
give me your address i can have something set up.

*oh wait someone has got a better idea*

-thieves (killeen) Im going to harker heights tonight (your house)
i'm going to steal from you tonight in harker heights... sweet dreams

*and the convincing sort decides to re-enforce the cause with some tips and tidbits*

-Re: thieves (killeen) Im going to harker heights tonight (your house)
Yeah, everyone knows that the folks in Harker Heights have more money and hence more big screen LCD t.v.'s, jewelery, cash, Xbox 360's, PS3's, DSLR cameras, Iphones and such. :) Besides, most of the folks that live in HH think they are better than everyone else so it's the right thing to do. Oh, they have good insurance too so they'll just get brand new stuff. :)

*maybe they shoulda just posted this business in the community rideshare board. find someone with an astro van and go at it. hit up several neighborhoods.*
*the ride share board is a good place to find murderers and demons who pose as innocent people with the sudden need to travel cross country with a stranger*

-family emergency need ride to pensacola florida (killeen/fthood)
Hello all am desperate to get a ride to as close to florida as I can get. I need to get there ASAP . Need ride for me and 3 smalllish dogs, very well behaved ;). My mom is dying and she wanted to see her dogs b4 she passes on . Plz contact me for any needed details

*what the unsuspecting citizen ready to travel to florida with this guy doesnt know is that this man is actually the Greek god of the underworld, Hades. Cerberus plays fetch. Those smallish dogs are gonna be fuggin cute*

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