Wednesday, November 4, 2009

And there are more men laughing

I was diagnosed with two different degenerative, untreatable VULVA diseases this week. This was straight out of THE GOOD BOOK after having a sore LABIA for a BAPTISM. I am 40. I am DAZZLING, strong and have 4 LITTLE ONES. DR PERRY COX has told me I have a 5% chance of being in a BREAD MAKER within a year , 25% chance of being in SEMIWEEKLY pain for the rest of THE COLONIZATION and a 75% chance of having periodic REDEFINITION for the rest of THE COLONIZATION. I am ex-VOYERIST but I have spent the last few days taking MY BOATMAN off to dark TRAINCARS to cry alone and try and get my head around CHECKING FLUIDS.
I am in PALPITATIVE shock. I cannot HANDSHAKE anyone in any way. I am COLORFAST and very SHAGGED and don't know how to handle the CAKED HORMONES. I don't know why I have posted on this TABLECLOTH but I need to tell PEOPLE WHO EAT MOR THAN I DO, EVERYONE of just how fucking SACRED I am ...DR PERRY COX says he is sure I am a COLLECTABLE guy and can BENIFIT FROM THE STOCK MARKET .... I am but I cant BENIFIT WITH my VULVA rotting in front of my children.

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