Tuesday, November 24, 2009

your amy. your new girlfriend.

you think you love her. is it because of when she cooks, she cooks you spaghetti with out onions and when its bright, she blocks the sun from from eyes. do you two hold hands at the mall and kiss at red traffic lights, long enough to get honked at because it has already turned green. well thats fucking cute. you said you loved me. the way you looked at me and the way you touched me, you seemed like you ment it. i wish i could have loved you. maybe i did. maybe i did because of how i feel now. its been long enough for me to get over you. whenever i think of you and her, eating a fancy dinner (that she cooked and of course you tried to help but you cant cook so you didnt do more than hand her a wooden spoon or maybe graded some cheese), i hate myself a little more. i did everything i could. i wish i could have done more. i feel it was my inefficancy is what tore us apart. i assume you got bored? yeah, well you hurt me... and it went deep. i do still love you. i dont even know how i came to write this. i didnt think i could happen and i sure you dont expect to hear from me. i cant send you this. so, keep forgetting.
i have a new partner. hes a sound techie for a band called brain squeegee. their a surfer band from california. he sometimes catches me thinking about you but how can i not. i guess he wishes he also had a real girlfriend, who cooked and could go bike riding with.
im happy for you.

gammy leglady
(a picture of my new life)

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