Tuesday, December 8, 2009


i am going to just start posting everything i do involving music, sex, racisim, and everything else that matters, on this blog. my reason is simple. there are more people subscribed to this blog and im tired of making a judgement call on the content of new posts. my other blog is just gonna be my own shenanigans. maybe that one will spark interest but as the trend is showing, you all like sex, drugs, and rock music wayyyyy more (i am in total understanding of these common interests, especially over my boring antics).
this blog is gonna stay the same, personal ads, drug references, racism, but im gonna throw in more music. kinda like taking the music from the other blog and dropping it here instead. basically to give you guys more to read. also, tascha is an author on this blog already. lets all vote on days for which we will schedule a tascha post. wooo. drop a line to suggest a day of the week or like, where we are in the moon phase (moon phase chart).
if you feel like you want to write in this blog, send me an email at stickbug.mc@gmail.com. you're probily more of a twisted shit than myself also a better taste in music. you'd do GREAT!

Something to look at at the end of this post.

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