Thursday, December 3, 2009

Over chinese buffet and a wicked stomache ache

Nick Drake - Things Behind The Sun from Phil Bebbington on Vimeo.

video surfing again...... i came across a familiar name. brother tim from college station reccomended the shit out of a gentalman named Nick Drake.
we were having a car picnic outside of a chinese restuarant, listening to cds, and chatting up the atmosphere. brother tim was conviced, with each initial impression, that every song we were listening to was by Nick Drake. of course, until we corrected his assumption. it was a mix cd which consisted of no Nick Drake. where was he pulling these ideas from??? i mean, i dont hold it against him but, shiiiiiittt. after each assumption, he would than reccomend that we check out Nick Drake. finally, i did and am pleased as fuck.
amazing song writing and the style is right in cue with my present music taste.
fuck yeah and thank you brother tim from college station.
keep up the ska rockin drum kicks and lets run into eachother at a show again.

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