Monday, May 3, 2010

personals > missed connections > you smiled at me on the subway. - m4w

it was very crowded, but i know you noticed me. you were an angel, i'm sure of that. its hard on me knowing the odds of you ever seeing this ad are so small. i dont know what to do. it was very cold that day and you were with another man, i think so but im the jealous type. like i said, it was crowded, im not sure if he was your man, i wont lose any sleep over whether or not he was with you. i just wanted you to know, i think you're beautiful. also, i apologize for how i looked that day, i guess in more than one way i was flying high, you could see it on my face, huh?
i want you to know, my love is pure, if you do see this ad, contact me. tell me what i was wearing and be specific, if its you, it will be hard not to remember what i was wearing.


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