Friday, April 30, 2010

Bending Furbys

I learned something about a small hobby ive started getting into lately. Furbys are easy to short out, not too easy to get to their circuit leads (or the right ones for that matter), but things wont be as neat as i wish they could be (particularly with furbys). Oh by the way, the hobby being dabbled with is know as circuit bending. It's very easy and any idiot with some wires and a soldering iron can do it.

Listen to this song while reading the rest of this post.
(there is no meaning connection, just a mood thing in the morning while posting this)

(jesus thats a good song)

So here is what the furby looked like before i gutted it.

Right, cute as fuck but still standing strong with its creepy points. this little work of art didnt say much in all honesty. It would be like, im tired again, snooooooze snooooooze, and than stopped making noise only to not talk or say anything different after passin out. it would repeat this snooze when i would reset it though.

this is the furby when i took the fur off

the creepy points went up for sure. its amazing how different animals look with their fur ripped off, yeah?
so, after skinning it, i took out screws (sorry, i didnt take pictures of its insides, but if youre really that curious, CLICK HERE). I was messing with leads and connecting circuits together, THE FURBY SAID OTHER NORMAL FURBY STUFF! even though i got it out of its sleep trance, its still cracked open with guts spillin, i cant stop here. welllll eventually, i came across a couple connections that made the motors go nuts and one that made it make lots of crackling noises. that boring, sorry, the other furby videos gave me the wrong impression for sure. all those folks did was add an audio out jack on their furbys and routed it into an effects box of whatever sort. DAMMIT! how did i not notice. and on top of this realization, i accidentally hit whatever circuit too many times and took the furbys soul. it wont talk, it wont dance, it wont eat, nothing! it lives a quiet boring life now. and its my fault. it used to be so kinda lively. :(

WELL, i finished my crazy knob on my casio. so, if i find a video camera, you can bet your ass ill be makin a crazy knob video.
If any of you are secret electronics gurus and have any ideas and have the ability to explain them to me, hit me up, i could use some guidance.


  1. oh, haha. this is tascha. under your name. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT.

  2. mike perry and you could have a very long conversation about circuits. i think electric engineering is calling your name.

  3. i love this entry. and that song.