Friday, March 26, 2010

Louis Armstrong is a sexy girl

[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]

Okay, now we need to pretend louis armstrong, wearing a VERY suggestive school girl outfit, as a teenage girl.
Or the other way around cause obviously, brittney spears is trying to fit the shoes of a large bluesy black man.
what a twist of music history.

5 Cheers!

i found the file streaming on SuperMasterpiece. the old quality is very quiet and rather poppy. the quiet and poppy comes from the fact that it was recorded in 1936 and released on vinyl. i remastered the file and that is what is streaming above.
if you particularly like the old record click and pop, visit the link above to go listen.



  1. Ha fucking love it man.... you are one of the people who truly realizes my huge obsession with older recordings... they add a sense of realism to the music..

  2. yessir. its crazy, cause a lot of the music from back than is free game. a lot of the music either had rights, which only lasted 20-40 years, or they didnt have licencing at all. now a days, the rights lifespan is usually 90 years. i mean, of course there is the music from back than that had rights renewed and still hold with the origional artist and proper owners.
    when i was interning at that recording studio, the dude was having people sign contracts for rights to send to bmi and ascap, the contracts stated 90 years. im typing too much and probily dont have the full idea of what im even talking about.
    anyways, its either a great idea to take songs like this, or its theft. honestly, in this situation, its a bitch move. but in the since of "artists" who do this and honor the song and the origional artist, ie. kid rock (as much as i really dont like him), its fantastic.