Saturday, March 27, 2010

this guy will talk to anyone about anything

i love this guy and i dont even know him. It is mostly because he has on an authenitc Zissou cap and sticking out of his coat a little, you can tell he is wearing his strike orce uniform. On the side of me loving him because of his honorable life style and respectable crew he runs with, he alse came up with a great idea. even tho he did this four years ago, it doesnt mean it is an outdated idea.

he put this booth next to organizations tabling political and religious causes. instead of having to pick and choose what kind of information you want, from whatever focused person, and having to navigate through the park to do so, you can talk to this guy about anything. politics, space travel, growing crops, your kids, how grandma hunts road runners out in the desert, the weather......... ANYTHING

what an amazing thing to do! woah!

not only did this guy sport some honorable threads and make open conversation available to everyone, he also made instructions for folks like you and me to do the same!

Click on the children's book to go to the instructions. also if you want, click HERE to go buy this book! its a win/win no matter what you click! also dont forget to leave comments and suggestion.