Monday, March 15, 2010

Stealing from the little dudes? JESUS!

Would you like to donate a dollar to MDA?
JERRY'S KIDS, the little dudes, COULD USE IT.
it'd be nice to cure muscular dystrophy. heh?

this fool decided that, with a perfect distraction of a non-working food stamp card being processed on the other end of the counter, he could match par for a rock by jacking a couple bucks from the donation jar.

look at this asshole. yep, thats the jar in his left hand and the lid in his right.

annnnnndd deennn

this dude tried coming back to buy beer with the 6 dollars he stole an hour before. JESUS!

its a dick move to steal, period.
but stealing from a donation jar? a donation jar for jerry's kids? thats beyond fucked up.
well mr orange shirt, drunk crackhead dude, i think you aught to start reorganizing your morals and priorities.

now for JESUS!

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