Monday, April 12, 2010

SORRY GUYS! but yes!

I havnt posted anything lately. Its been hard to get on the internet and make time. AHH! sooooo, since i suck and cant make time, anybody else want to be an author of this blog??? i am thinking on setting up a posting schedule. something like, Sexturdays for raunchy craigslist personals, and like, hipster trash tuesdays for music and cocaine. of course you can still just post whatever you want. as long as it fits within the idea of this blog. ridiculous personal ads and insanity from rants & raves, alternative music and art (we can be fancy and call it "indie"), funny stuff, and whatever else you think would make this blog fantastic.
SOOOO, if you want to be an author, send me an email at with an example of what you would end up posting. dont be shy, at all. also, lose some shame too. people like sex and music.

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