Monday, April 26, 2010

u work at the hollywood movie theater - m4w

(im going to police the shit out of this one)


u work at the movies...u have red hair and i think u were very beautiful...we had a small chat while i was ordering my nachos lol tell me what ur name tag said and maybe we can talk somemore


okay, man, i used to work at this theater and still keep in touch with some of the employees, i know who this missed connection is for. how old are you? what kinda plans would you have if she contacted you? make some more nachos? shes 17years old. shes super cool so dont get too flattered if she was polite while serving you junk food. those employees have to be polite when selling you a $6.50 tray of nachos. "u" did great with the craigslist ad too man. im sure she melted. "ur" a legend in throwing game my good captain.

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  1. THIS is hilarious. Thank you for finding it. Sarah told me Megan sometimes responds to these ads. Muahaha.