Monday, October 5, 2009

HANDS's the Little Italia, Yes I HANDS Did!

i went to the Little Italia today and I was upset when I asked for chicken caccitori and the waitress said to me, "i'm sorry, HANDS!, we don't have that. may i recommend the chicken cantaloni?" i said, "DAMN!" but then I said, "NO!" then she asked me if i'd like more time to look over the menu and I told her, "NO Ma'am but ok thanks! what do you suggest?" she told me a lot of people like the chicken murphy, and i said, "NO!" but then I said "I will have -- no! -- may I please have the CHICKEN MARSHALL" and she was very nice and polite, she asked me if I mean the chicken marsala and I told her yes that will be fine with me if she wants to ask the cook to make it for me. and then i liked it very much a lot and i told my waitress, Darlene, "Who is the name of the cook dudes?" and she told me Brikan and I told her to tell Briken after I leave that I want FRENCHTOAST next time!

THAT is why I am posting this because if Briken reads this I want him t o go get FRENCHTOAST ingredients and I will pay him back later. but i only want the FRENCHTOAST as appetizer because FRENCHTOAST pumps me UP like a FRENCHTOAST BODYBUILDING CHAMPION FOR UNIVERSITY OF UTAH (UoU) WE WON THE REGIONALS 2002! so Briken if you can make me FRENCHTOAST for appetizer and maybe for my meal I will have the LASAGNA or the CHICKEN MURPHY or the VEAL MARSHALL Marsala, ok thanks Briken. ok thanks!

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