Wednesday, October 28, 2009

you all are my favorite, every night

i'm proud of my selection for comic relief.
every night i get off work at 11:00pm and i know that when i get home, you all will be waiting for me to read your thoughts.
your thoughts on..
global warming and oh god, how fake that global warming is.
the college girl whining about her stds she contracted from a soldier, or maybe five. and how nobody is capable of showing sympathy, the other posters just lay it flat, they're liers, cheaters, and sneaky assholes.
the irony of it is, these people replying back to this girl's crys, are the wives of the gi's that are fucking her. or maybe the wives of the gi's that are fucking another young lady.
and the racist bunch, OBABA IS A NIGGER. any post that has that line in it instantly has the next couple days' posts starting with RE:OBAMA,RACIST PRICK. and the arguement goes on.
always do the fat chicks get made fun of. everytime. there are some hurtful things thrown around on the r&r's like this, Are making us all puke. Just because YOU are fat does not mean when we stare we think you are hot, its because we think you are GROSS. that brutal. a lot of the time its a skinny girl calling out fatties. reminds me of grade school.
the worst is the people who try to influence whats right. oh god do they get the load of it. haha. these people will write a six paragraph essay to make thier point. for each paragraph written, there will be at least 3 posts reflecting how much of a cock face that person is. and of course if they have made a good, influential point, all of the haters will instantly turn into grammar police. picking at their sentences like your little sister picking the onions and olives out of her spaghetti.
whatever you do, absolutely continue your attempt to have a valid point on the r&r's, especially if you're looking for friends. and it is, with out a doubt, in my best interest for you to continue to be a shallow fuck with the witts to tear apart a fat girl or another lonely liberal.

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