Monday, October 5, 2009

¡ Rhutism-xenographa !

thanks to those of you who are supporting me, and my HIGH VOLTAGE SPIT for those who are naysayers and evil non-gooders saying negative things about me HANDS ok? now to the point, my POINT I will make now.

this guy at Gold Corral, he is fat right? i think we need to get Papa Rotsi involved in this because if Lady Galga will bleed on stage for the Papa Rotsi then imagine what Papa Rotsi would do to a fat guy at a round table who drools over kids? Papa Rotsi would say "NO YOU CAN NOT FOLLOW ME AND YOU ARE NOT MY BIGGEST FAN BECAUSE YOU ARE ONLY THE FAN OF MEATBALLS AND FATTY FOODS AND TRANSFATTY ACIDS AND KIDS IN RESTAURANTS WHO HAVE A NICE AND PRETTY MOM LIKE RHONDA!" just kidding, that's what I HANDS say, not what Papa Rotsi says.

Rhonda, next time Lady Galga is in the area I can buy tickets to her concerts and we can go maybe you know?

when i go to a restaurant I sit in a different seat eveyrftime except sometimes that way people can't predict my patterns of movement. i keep my brain active by being random because I am a NEUROPHYSIOLOGIST and I know how the brain and MUSCLES work because I was on the UNIVERSITY OF UTAH (UoU) BODY BUILDING TEAM and we WON THE REGIONALS!

i read through a lot on the CRAIGSLIST and I have a question for the guy who is a cook named Brikan. Brikan, HANDS here! i want to know if I come to your restaurant can I request FRENCHTOAST? when I have FRENCHTOAST i am like Popeyes with the spinach, but I speak much more clearly than Popeye ok Brikan? Brikan I will pay you extra on the side if you can make me FRENCHTOAST when I go to the restaurant Little Italia in Kelleen. thanks Brikan ok? ok thanks!

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