Tuesday, October 6, 2009

racing like drunken bees

"I am your genuine sleaze bag fuck ball. i have MORE bugs crawling on my nuts than Henry."
"I will take the opportunity to use you and take full advantage of you. I will drip you dry."
"I have fucked you in more ways than you know and its going to stay that way."
"AND GOD YES, i will expect you to cry"
"Because I am the one in control."
Everything you hear will be a lie and you are letting it happen. And the time is now.
its strategy, being gentle and absolutely passionate,
this will surely have them coming back.
or open the door for you to go back in.
being gentle when obvious about intentions,
"i really just want to fuck you."
"off the topic, i was raised to believe that sex is for lovers only."
i love you."

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