Wednesday, October 28, 2009

looking for romance

I'm married, no need to read further if you take issue with that.
I'm also nice and considerate. I did just attempt to save ppl some time.

I've read, and read, and read, and read CL ads for a cpl years now. I don't know how well I'll fare as it seems to me that there's a lot of repeats on here; "regulars" i suppose is the terminology. All the same big beautiful women in search of their CL LTR. It's not my goal to become a regular poster, one of those "just looking" males, but I am an avid reader. Not that I haven't posted in the past, but all I got was spam...,.and the overwhelming desire to change my email address. Ahhhhh, those wacky spammers will get ya every time, no?

As I've read through the ads I've always wondered, what would my ad state to make me stand out? I mean, what hasn't been said? It's like trying to come up with a new cool unused pick up line. It can probably be done, but geez, isn't just being myself better? I've never been a barlfy, but have been to a few in my younger stud-muffin days. (yes, I was studly.....age takes its toll on us all....except that freak Sylvester Stallone! LORD!) I could never get the nerve to use a corny pick up line. How many times have you heard: "It's pouring rain because Heaven is missing an angel like you." or "Those pants look nice on you, bet they'd look better on my floor"

Of course, I'm not the type of guy to want a girl who goes for pick up lines. I need something up stairs. Not to much, but you know, more than the last president at least. Not that I want to talk world politics, stock values, or my latest trade-in..... Ok, ok, I may talk politics and religion, but that ain't gonna put me in the mood and I can imagine the same for you.

Getting in the mood. Hmm....guess we can address that now. Granted I may be forward, but at least you know why you're answering my ad. Yes, obviously, the bottom line is sex. I want to experience some, and if you do, then we have at least one thing in common. I can actually be a friend and confidante (the government trusted me with a high level security clearance, won't you?) but to be clear, I surely have a wife at home. An irreplaceable one. But the tenderness is gone, no romance, no oomph. I'd say the frequency has diminished, but disappeared would be more appropriate.

I am, of course, interested in what you want. Really, I am. This is a two-way street. I love giving massages, it gives me pleasure to see you pleased. So if you are in tune with yourself and want to let me know what you want, then perhaps we can find some common ground. Try me, you can't shock me.

What would be a deal breaker? Asking for money. I grew up when free-love was waning, never have been into prostitution. Drugs. No need. If you don't know how to feel good without drugs, you don't know yourself. Head-case. Ha! just had to put that in there. Yes, I know full well, a head-case doesn't know they are a head-case. But at least I can tell my buddies, over a beer, "i knew a head-case once...."

Now how do I put my "im not a spammer disclaimer?" Wait, does that count? ;)

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