Friday, October 23, 2009

mason craigslist > personals > missed connections > I cant get that ass off my mind. shit, i love you

"hey, give up on reading this now. i wont make you feel better and probily wont piss you off either. you'll end up wasting 10 minuts by reading all of this ad.
its come to me that all of you deep down inside, long for a missed connection written for you. i know there will never be one about me. the odds of you or i getting a missed connection written for us are very, very low.
ive encountered several people who are convinced that they will get one and, shortly after, them and the love of their life will meet, date, marry, and grow old together. that is just lazy and a stupid practice of futility.
but yeah, these kinda ads will either flatter or depress.
i titled it like so because i know everyone will click it.
when you read this, you will be upset because its not for you.
the title is extreamly vague. so dont get your hopes up.
i wont be replying to any of your emails, because im not a sweet heart.
its silly that you are reading this because once again, it is not for you.
i hope you dont wish this is for you because i know you are just another one of those "BBWs" searching for that man who can tolerate your weight.
im a shallow fuck. so, go away, dont email me.
this was going to be written for someone but she will never read it.
and if she did, she wouldnt have know who it was from.
plus, the origional idea went away as soon as i realized that i was just going to get a bunch of retarded emails for every other lonely women in this hell hole.
maybe another time."

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  1. I have your blue rubber ball - m4w - 89

    we were at the theatre in cove on friday night. i asked you if i could have your blue rubber ball. you looked scared as all heck and regretfully gave it to me. i have been bouncing it for the last 5 hours and am starting to get bored with it. if you want it back let me know.